Cheap white storage baskets

Bathroom nik naks are still on the top of my list, so it’s white storage baskets in this weeks splurge vs save.

The renovation limbo is getting me a bit down now.  We will get our carpets laid this Friday and that will be the ‘work’ finished upstairs.  The only thing I still need to get is blinds/curtains and get a load of nik naks out and that should be about the upstairs finished.  We are having to get the painter back out though.  The first guy they sent mustn’t have had the best eye for detail, as the wall to ceiling joins are a bit shaky and the coverage on the walls is also patchy.  But that will be January.

Anyway, I’m rambling on!  Here is this weeks splurge vs save…

White Storage Basket Splurge

This week I’ve spent a small fortune on Rockett St George.  It’s a store I’ve loved for years and I love it for it’s unique and industrial pieces.  I love the way they stage their product shots.  Take these white storage baskets, at £38 I just found them a tad ordinary to warrant stumping that up for them (I’m so sorry Rocket St George!  I do still love you dearly!) I just knew I could get these cheaper.

I’ll give them their due.  These baskets have a duel purpose and can be used as planters.  But, for me, I just wanted regular bathroom storage.

White Storage Basket Save

Good old H&M!  I’m constantly surprised at their home section delights.  Their storage is especially affordable and staged similar to RSG product shot, you’d be hard pushed to tell the difference.

These white storage baskets will set you back £7.99, which is much better!

Which would you go for?

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Happy Saving!



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