Cheap sand blasted vase

You’ll need to stick with me on this weeks Splurge Vs Save.  I can already hear you saying ‘but that’s not a vase’.

We’ve been looking for an assortment of vases, jars and candles to complete the bathrooms ready for a room reveal…that’s right, the bathrooms are almost photo ready!  This time I really mean it when I say STAY TUNED!

Sandblasted Vase Splurge

I just love that the clothes designers have home ranges these days.  Everything is to a very particular style and you either like it, or you don’t.  Well I just loved this French Connection Sandblasted vase.  It comes is 2 sizes, but it was the small one I was after.  Good news….it’s half price £22.50 down from £45 (kind of takes the edge of my save a little bit!)

Sandblasted Vase Save

No it is not a vase.  But when I was doing a shop at Tesco and saw this grey sandblasted candle, I immediately thought of the French Connection vase.  So at £4.50, I got 3!  One for each bathroom.  The beauty of it is that I get 2 functions out of 1. I get a great candle and then when it’s burnt down, I get my French Connection vase!

Which would you have?

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