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Still no word from the tradesman this week about a date for the bathroom, grrrr.  So I’m scouring the net for bathroom accessories and spied this weeks freestanding bath splurge Vs save, which even I was surprised at.

Freestanding Bath Splurge

Ok, so in the grand scheme of things, £643 is hardly the most expensive bath out there.  But given that it is from B&Q, you would naturally assume that it would be the cheapest of its kind (as I did when I bought all our bathroom goods from there a few months back).  Don’t be fooled though…a little bit of searching and you can still save yourself enough to buy the taps.

Freestanding Bath Save

Well I didn’t expect to find a save on a website called Designer Bathroom Concepts! But there I was drooling over the £3,000 baths (playing ‘if I win the lotto’) when I spotted this weeks freestanding bath save on offer at £499.50! Better than that…it comes in 4 different colours (White, grey, black and purple)!

This week splurge vs save just goes to show that sometimes those high end stores can provide you with a save, if you look hard enough.

Happy Saving!

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