When I first became pregnant, I never intended to return to work. I always thought I would stay at home.  Spending my days cooking, cleaning, school runs and in general, being the perfect housewife and mother.  Let me tell you, it isn’t like ‘The Waltons’!

To cut a long story short, I was lucky (I see it that way) to be offered a very flexible work from home position 5mths into my maternity leave, which meant I wasn’t losing time with Munch.  I could do the hours whilst she napped and I didn’t have to pay out for child care, so it seemed a no brainer.

My foresight perhaps wasn’t the best though.  As routines changed, naps were dropped and Munch demanded more time.  It no longer became possible to juggle work at home and slowly we started to put her into nursery, 1 day a week, 3 days a week, 4 days and then eventually 5 days.  Which in hindsight was quite a nice introduction to nursery life and I feel lucky that we had this staggered opportunity.

I’m not going to sit here and preach that I work because we can’t afford for me not to.  In whole that isn’t true.  Yes we could have ‘survived’.  However I wanted more than just surviving.

As a child I always enjoyed any day trips and holidays we did have and in turn I wanted to do this in spades with my little family.  We all know how much a trip to the cinema costs these days (I sound old!)

I won’t lie, the guilt was there.  It was a heart wrenching decision to make.  I would fret, weighing up the options.  My worst fear by far is it having any affect on my relationship with Munch.  But after much deliberation over the last 2 years (almost), I realised that (for me) it wasn’t so much the quantity of being there 24/7 that counted, but the quality when I am there.  After all, my dad worked more than full time when I was little, as he was and still is self-employed and I just adore him.  Is it the right decision?  Who knows?  I can only go on my life experience and what seems logical.

So, I hope that in years to come, we as a family do benefit and my fear will not come true.




  1. This is a sort of dilemma for me at the moment – my youngest is 7 months so the time is about right. This thing is i would actually love to return to work but i was made redundent so don’t have a job to go back to.

    It might sound a bit bad but i think i might start to go a bit mad if i don’t find something other than little people to occupy my mind soon. I have picked up a bit of freelance stuff starting soon so hopefully more will come my way. Ideally i’d like to work 3 days a week, as i was doing before, as that is such a nice balance.

    • lifewithmunchers Reply

      That’s not bad at all! I remember my first office day back and being able to have (and enjoy) a hot cuppa and conversation, without watching the clock. Hope it all works out. X

  2. I think you’ve done well do introduce Munch to nursery gradually, this must have made the transition much easier for her. There are no fit-all solutions for mums, we all have to do what works best for our and our families’ needs.

  3. Like you I really thought I would want to stay at home full time after having a baby but even though Toby is only 15 weeks I’m already starting to look forward to going back next year. I’m a teacher and I actually really miss teaching (even though I moan about it all the time when I’m doing it!). I’m hoping to go back part-time and probably for a month-ish before the summer holidays then I’ll have another 6 weeks off!

  4. I work 4 days a week which is nice, ideally I’d like to do 3, but I do need something that gets me out of the house and is for me.
    I’d go a little stir crazy if I was at home all the time, only so many mini cars I can play with before going a little bit mad!
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  5. I completely get this. My intention was never to go back after z came along but by the time he hit about 10 months I really really needed something to stimulate my brain and do something for me. We could have survived but I like the holidays and I like the nice things we can do together. Our time together is always fun and I cherish it. I think everyone’s situation is so unique that there isn’t a right and wrong thing do. It’s just whatever works best for you. Xx sorry for the looooong ramble 🙂
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