Renovation rage

First of all, I am so sorry for being on blog auto pilot for the last few weeks.  Things around here have been nothing short of manic!

After a tradesman lull for what seemed like forever (a few months in reality), the bathrooms kicked off with less than a weeks notice, eek! I had got so laid back waiting around for start dates from the plumber and decorator (for Munch’s room) that I hadn’t picked tiles, or picked a shower tray (it was a tight space and I was unsure whether to get a 75cm or 80cm tray) so the 4 days warning hit me like a freight train.

Then there were the usual niggles that come up during any job.  I had overlooked the type of bath tap I should have bought, as we were going to keep the bath in the main bathroom.  The plumber only informed me half way through.  To cut a long story short, it was going to be cheaper to get a whole new bath.  Again, I was limited by choice as I needed it ASAP (although as it turns out, he has hopped off to another job and I actually could have waited to get the same bath that we chose for the ensuite, grrr).

We also had shower gate.  After he informed me of tray sizes, again I was limited by delivery dates.  However, I could get it earlier if I got it delivered to my work.  Cue my boss and 4 managers trying to wrestle a shower enclosure into a pick up truck in the rain, only for it not to fit! Who would have thought that it would go in a small 4×4 but not a pick up truck?! I’m thinking of renaming it the Volkswagen Tig-van!

renovations & upheaval

Ofcourse, I also have the kitchen/utility room company (who is also the internal doors company) desperate for measurements as there is an incredible deal on if it is ordered and delivered before November. MELTDOWN!

I still need to pick paint/wallpaper for every room upstairs before mid November.  But can I get my joiner to confirm the end of October for our build in wardrobes, nooooooo! (can’t decorate otherwise).  So if he really is AWOL, then that puts everything back months if I’ve to source another!

Renovation rage

Oh and flooring to finalise.

Wrap that all up with a busy day job and it’s all piling up and it makes those little choices of ‘which shade of white paint to pick’ that bit harder.  So a massive thanks to everyone who responded to my cries for help on instagram, facebook and twitter.  You are really keeping me from major renovation rage!

At least I can shut myself in my unplastered and unpainted but freshly tiled ensuite and stare at one wall and pretend it’s all finished!

I can’t wait to start showing you all some finished rooms!



  1. renovation are great and a pain all at once. It’s great to get the end result but sometimes (most the time) it can go really wrong. Bless you sound like you have alot of renovations going on all at once too. You are brave. Great post. #loveyourhome
    Jenny recently posted…Home Styling with Glass VasesMy Profile

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