We moved into our current house 3 years ago.  It was a new build, however this didn’t stop us from making a few big changes once we got in.  It is a shame I didn’t have the blog then, or I’d have captured the progress along the way.  However, here’s the catch up version.

The layout of the house spans 3 floors.  Giving us 4 bedrooms, master ensuite and bathroom on the top floor.  Ample lounge/dining room, cloakroom and storage on the middle floor (with garage entry). With the lower ground floor comprising of a utility, study, dining room and large family kitchen on the ground floor.  As it’s built on a hill, the house from the front actually looks like a regular 2 storey house, but 3 from the back.  The garden is also ample (considering it’s a new build) and is ideal for future options to add to the house….Perfect. Right?


Ok, so we would rather the more conventional 2 storey house, with the same square footage.  But this was not in our budget, so we went ahead and put our stamp on this one.

Before we got the keys, the builder was kind enough to allow a local company in to pre-wire the house for network, tv and sonos.  They also allowed us (not for free may I add!) to make relevant amends to the kitchen layout, which will become clear later on in the post!

The 2 main changes we wanted to make to the house immediately was to turn one of the bedrooms into a dressing room.  Being an ‘off the shelf’ new build, the bedrooms were not huge.  After much deliberation on whether to remove the dividing wall altogether, put in an arch or make it accessible through a door, we chose the door option.  We figured this would allow each of us to use the dressing room without disturbing the other in bed.

This now made the house a 3 bed.  But with an ample garden and a large lounge/Dining room on the middle floor (currently reserved for Christmas and The Queen!), we have options.  Not that we need to do anything right now.

The second change we made was to the kitchen and adjacent dining room.  As I said earlier, we already prepared the kitchen layout with the builder.  This allowed us to remove the wall and turn this space into our dream everyday family living space. Incorporating the kitchen, breakfast bar & seperate dining area, as well as an ample sofa seating area.  With 2 french doors into the garden, this space was now as we’d always imagined.

Alongside a top to toe decoration of the house, we now had the home we were after!

Fast forward 3 years and we now have little Munch and it’s time to incorporate some child friendly aspects to the house, but not lose the style.  I like a challenge!

Next post :- Read about what we plan to do next!



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