britmums live 2014

Thanks to the lovely people of BLACK + DECKER, I was lucky enough to pop my Britmums Live cherry this year and oh boy what a first experience that was!

I made arrangements to meet Vicki (Ellie Bear Babi), Karen (Let kids be kids), Donna (Redhead Babyled), Emma (Me The Man and The Baby) and Kate (Family Fever) at Paddington, which took the edge off my nerves using the tube!  It’s thanks to them I even made it to the hotel!

Thankfully the weather was fantastic and we arrived to a sea of parenting bloggers all waiting outside (that wouldn’t happen in Scotland!) This was rather daunting as a Britmums Live virgin. But it was exciting and rather odd to see everyone in real life, after following so many of their lives across various social media channels.  We were shortly joined by Mrs Mumsie and Toby Goes Bananas.

If you’re considering your first Britmums Live, don’t be put off by the initial walk in. Yes it is up there with scariest things to do, however once the sessions kick off, you finally manage to recognise the faces in amongst the sea of bloggers, as they all begin to disperse. I found that I kept bumping into people In the loo (ahem coolbananasblog), which paved the wave for a chat later.

britmums live 2014

There were a few brands there, for those who wanted to network on that level.  But I was more interested in getting round the bloggers personally.

I found the sessions really helpful as a new blogger and because of my day job in marketing, I was in geek heaven at most of them! Special mention to Paul Armstrong and James Dearsley, whose sessions on social media and google + were invaluable and I can’t wait to start trying their tips out.

Congratulations to all those who won the Bibs (personally I think Hurrah For Gin was robbed!)  But delighted to see Mummy, Daddy, Me get a well deserved award in Family and I even got to say a quick hello.

britmums live 2014

The weekend rounded up with some rather emotional keynote readings and a fantastic performance from Good Enough Mums Club.

Altogether it was a fantastic experience and opportunity and I met way more bloggers than I  can list on here (you know who you are!)  I can’t thank BLACK+DECKER enough for sponsoring me to attend this year.


  • Get to sessions early – There were a few I attended that were popular and standing room only (if you made it to the door!)
  • Wear your blog logo on clothing and/or badge – People associate with twitter avi’s and blog headers, especially if like me your face doesn’t feature in either!
  • Be ballsy, say hi to your idols – You’ll regret it if you don’t. They might not know you. Might stare at you like you have 2 heads. (My Two Mums and Innocent Charmer Chats were especially nice to me, once I’d plucked up the courage to say hi!)
  • Don’t use your mobile phone as a social crutch –  found myself staring aimlessly at my phone each time I was on my own.  No one is going to say hi to you if your head is stuck to your phone.

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  1. I totally agree with you that Katie was robbed – I was willing her name to be read out with every bone in my body, but it was wonderful to see some other lovely blogs pick up some very well deserved awards and a great weekend hanging out with everyone!
    Carie recently posted…Living Arrows 25/52My Profile

  2. Kelly Finn Reply

    Great post, I wrote the exact thing about Katie and the award! Robbed! So sad I never met you, I can see from the photos in this now what you looked like. I do recall seeing you, I’m glad you had a great time.

  3. What a great round up from such an awesome weekend at BritMums live. I am so glad I got to meet you too. You are right it is hard but you got to get balls and just shout out hi and hope for the best. I was a little nervous at first but once I did it the ball seems to roll out. lol I only wish I had longer to get to know each blog. Love the tips you gave here too! Hope to see you again next year and have a longer chat!!! 🙂 In the meantime, i am blog stalking. lol Hope that’s ok. hahaha
    Jenny recently posted…Missy Moo’s Milestones: 1st Birthday Cake SmashMy Profile

  4. Yet another one who I would have liked to say hello too but missed – I can’t tell you how many times I’ve written that over the last few days! The problem I found, was that I didn’t want to stare at people’s chests/stomachs to look at their label, just in case I wasn’t familiar with the blog name and then had to pretend that I was! Awkward! As you say – A blog logo would have been an excellent idea. I agree with you regarding the Google+ session, it was excellent and I thankfully managed to squeeze down to the front at the last minute 🙂

  5. Sounds like you had a really amazing time, and got to meet loads of people and hear some inspirational talks. All this Brit Mums buzz makes it very tempting to buy a ticket for next year already 🙂 #MMWBH

  6. Fabulous round up and it was so lovely to meet you! That first experience is crazy right! I reckon next year we’ll be old hands! 😉 Thanks so much for linking up with #MMWBH xx

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