The illusive Parent and child parking space. A perk or a neccessity?

Not enforceable by law, these spaces are provided by an increasing number of supermarkets and shopping centres as a courtesy. A gesture of goodwill, in the hope that you will continue to shop there if you find it easy to park and offload your car full. Lovely gesture it may be. I just wonder however if it has simply created a monster in me and others. After all, what did people do before these spaces existed? Well, they made do!

I have scoured the Internet on this issue and a few supermarkets (location specific) do enforce their spaces and fine those who do misuse. However it would appear to only be those car parks managed by a third party. Not something I’ve seen where I live. Tesco issue a sticker for your window to ‘allow’ you to use their spaces. But at my local store this is nothing more than a gimmick.

To me, these spaces are nothing more than another stress. Now I have Munch, I find myself analysing each car parked in these bays for signs of ‘child life’. Nothing gets my back up more than seeing someone return to their car with no child. On the rare occasion you get a space, you feel like you’ve won a war. A small victory in your day.

Today’s experience took the biscuit. Managed to get to town early and got the very first child bay in the row, victory! Parked nose in, so the side I had to get Munch out of was next to a wall. Perfect. Only it wasn’t. I’d returned to the car to find some (enter your term of endearment here) had managed to squeeze (and I mean squeeze) their car into the gap between my car and the wall. Parking right on top of the chevrons that marked either side of the space. Granted it is the week before Christmas, but still!

As I packed up the boot another car decided to await my departure. I took a quick glance in their car. No sign of child or ‘child life’. Let’s just say, I have never struggled to fold our pram before but today it was causing me quite some difficulty. So much so the woman decided to drive on. Victory number two! Who do these morons think they are?

So my plea to all these shopping centres and supermarkets. Unless you are going to enforce these spaces, there is little benefits putting them in. Your gesture of goodwill is an added stress to a parents day, that I for one could do without. Let’s face it, we can all manage fine without them. Generations of family life prove that.



  1. My husband properly hates it when these spaces are taken by people with no kids – he gets all annoyed by it. You’re right though, I spend ages driving around the baby spaces when I could have just parked further away and saved some time. Great post x

  2. This gets my back up too! And I’m a non-driver! Some of the population of the human race are made to urk others and take spaces that they shouldn’t be taking up. Good for having “issues” with folding down the buggy though, made me chuckle.

    Thanks for linking up with #MMWBH xx

  3. Ahh! I hate it when people park there who have NO kids and then there are no kids spaces free! I’ve got two kids and seen so many people park there with no kids. So annoying!

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  4. Oh I hear you loud & clear. At my local supermarket they are often used as a quick stop for the cash machine or by people whose children are no longer in car seats & clearly don’t need help or space.
    Now heavily pregnant I need the space to get myself out of the car nevermind my two small children! Grrr. *much swearing*

  5. I do think these are a perk and people do need reminding that they can manage without them, yes it maybe more of a hassle but in the grand scheme of things is it really that important?!

  6. Hate this! I’ve had numerous rows over this. Best was a bloke who was waiting for his wife because it was raining! I believe I may have called him a you-know-what-hole to his face!

  7. I’m with Amanda… People get really worked up about these spaces. Yes, they’re handy but not everywhere has them and people manage nonetheless. I’ll occasionally use them if there’s one obviously free, but I wouldn’t drive around searching for one. I’ve also been known to use them at night when there are loads free and I’m nipping to the supermarket after the kids are in bed… Controversial!

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  9. Yep, abuse of parent/child parking bays always makes the red mist descend over me too! People can be so selfish and thoughtless. It especially riles me when parents with older, fully able children think they can get away with it because a 9-10 year-old is ‘technically’ a still a child. Surely their memories are not so short that they don’t recall how much of a battle it can be to transfer a wriggling toddler from car seat to buggy and vice versa when you’re squeezed into a normal parking bay?

    • The other day I very loudly said whilst getting Munch out ‘we just have to wait for the lazy people with no kids to get in their car first’. They never said anything back. But it felt good!

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