Let me just preface this with the fact that I’ve never 100% felt confident about my style.  Thankfully I grew up as a teenager in the era where “Sweater Shop jumpers” were actually a thing.  But I took it to the next level and wore them all year round.  I was horribly scrawny as a kid, so I did my best to cover up as much as possible… Please note that wearing 15 pairs of black tights will not make your legs look thicker!

I probably only found my “style calling” when I wore business suits and tailored work attire all day.  This I felt comfortable in.  It was easy to pair up, you could go from day to night in it and ultimately it was a smart safe wardrobe. I didn’t roll onto the supermarket from the office or even nursery runs thinking “gosh, I look awful”… Totally safe for every eventuality!

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