I’m a sucker for a well organised space.  Organising Spaces is a new series when I will share ideas for those annoying spaces.  Last week we had Playroom Storage Ideas and this week we have a readers space…That pesky tupperware cupboard.  We all have one and we loathe it!  So it’s over to Donna at Redhead Babyled to show you how she solved this.

I had a recurring problem that I think a lot of families live with – Tumbling Tupperware! Every time I opened a cupboard I’d have plastic containers, lids and children’s plastic crockery flying at me from all directions. I seemed to tidy the cupboards constantly and yet within what seemed like hours the plastic plates and bowls would be hurtling towards my head yet again.


I looked everywhere for solutions to my tupperware issue – I scoured Pinterest and Googled until I could Google no longer. I couldn’t find a solution so instead I decided to buy some mini crates to put the children’s plates, bowls and cups in. The crates hold everything neatly, are easy to access and fit inside our kitchen cupboards.


I bought our crates from Next but a lot of shops sell similar storage items. I love how versatile they are and how everything can just be thrown in them and it stays there – No plates flying at my head first thing in the morning!

The tupperware cupboard will always be an issue but I have made it slightly less of one by putting all my tupperware lids inside a larger lid, lined up in size order – Yes, I’m that kind of person! The box of lids sits nicely in my cupboard and all the plastic containers are stacked in piles around it. There’s no longer an avalanche of lids and pots whenever we go to get something from the cupboard and I’m so much happier with it!

If you want to share your organised space, just email me at hello@lifewithmunchers.com with your story and images.



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