I love nothing more that lounging around, but since having MM and turning freelance, my lounging around has become pretty much non existent.  So now I treasure the moments I do get to spend on the sofa and no more so than when it’s one on one time with my eldest.

DFS sofa moments

Two days a week, Munch stays at home with us….utter chaos…but I want to spend as much quality time with her before she starts school in August.  Except there isn’t much quality time to be had with an almost 8 month old baby to share your mummy with…unless it’s nap time and then I’m all hers.  What better way to spend a few hours than to snuggle up on the sofa together and watch a film.

DFS sofa moments

I’ve lost count of how many films we must have gone through since we started doing this.  I think the most poignant for me has to be the films that were my childhood favourites.  It’s just amazing seeing the little person you created enjoying something that you adored as a little girl…and still do!

DFS sofa moments

It’s amazing how a single piece of furniture can melt away all the hustle of being a parent and make you take time for yourself, or your little ones and create some memories.

What is your favourite #SofaMoment? Comment below with your favourite and complete the rafflecopter for your chance to win £150 of Love2Shop vouchers…Good luck!

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  1. Flying solo Reply

    I love being with my boys but at 16 & 20 they don’t always love being with mum so when the are in the mood for a movie we all sit on our corner sofa and snuggle up with a duvet & popcorn and close the blinds and no phones! Just time with my boys it’s bliss

    • Louise Crocker Reply

      My favourite sofa moment is playing sharks with my 3 kids. The shark ( me or one of the kids ) is on the floor (in the water) and the rest of us are on the sofa, we will dangle our feet and jump in and out of the water. The rule is shark has to get some one into the water. It’s just silly and very fun.

  2. Maggie Coates Reply

    My favourite sofa moment is when I get a bit of “me” time to surf the internet, read blogs etc.

  3. Tracy Nixon Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is sitting snuggled up with my four children and dog watching a movie! A bowl of popcorn on the table and we are set for the evening!

  4. MARK THOMAS Reply

    Being with my loved ones , curled up on the sofa , in front of a warm fire on a cold winter’s evening.

  5. wendy gordon Reply

    I have two favourite moments the fist one is getting up to sit and have a brew and read in peace on the first day of a holiday from work, the other is the one when my grandchildren visit and we sit snuggled up together watching cartoons and eating snacks

  6. Favourite time is watching a film with my children while the rain is hammering down outside.

  7. Sophie Foulds Reply

    Love watching Disney films on the sofa with my little cousins 🙂 Especially Frozen!!

  8. Carolynn Woodland Reply

    No more chores and I can settle down to watch TV with hubby and a glass of vino!

  9. Tania Atfield Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is when I say goodnight to my son and we snuggle up on his bed for a hug.

  10. Jessica Pickering Reply

    My favourite sofa moment is as boring as sitting down, enjoying a cup of tea whilst listening to a good record. I’m on a Peter Gabriel hype at the moment!

  11. Nicola Marshall Reply

    My favourite sofa moment, is being snuggled up with my two children with some cheeky treats and a dvd.

  12. Being snuggled up on the sofa watching Disney movies with my kids!

  13. Having the whole sofa to myself with a good book and a big bar of chocolate ?

  14. Rachel Craig Reply

    My favourite sofa moment is sitting comfortably on the sofa and watching Gogglebox. As it can be so funny and entertaining.

  15. My favourite sofa moment is actually being able to get all the kids stuff cleared off, put the sofa back together again (it’s a corner sofa in two parts, plus big cushions used for fort-building), and actually have a nice neat comfortable sofa…for five minutes, before kids mess it up again.

  16. Paul Wilson Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is getting a bit of me-time sat in the recliner watching the sun set over the trees at the end of the garden.

  17. amy bondoc Reply

    after school we have a #SofaMoment with a cuppa and discuss both our days its lovely like a tradition !

  18. Andrew Petrie Reply

    My favourite sofa moment is with my laptop surfing to find interesting new websites.

  19. My favourite #SofaMoment is snuggled up with my OH watching a load of DVDs with our favourite takeaway and a couple bottles of wine.

  20. Kelly Glen Reply

    My favourite #sofamoment is curled up under a blanket reading a book

  21. barbara daniels Reply

    my fave #Sofamoment is snuggling in with the kids to watch a film and eat popcorn

  22. Heather Skinner Reply

    First cuddles with my best friend/cousin’s day old son, who is now the perfect little gentlemen who will still give in to the occasional cuddle

  23. My favourite #sofamoment is when I get home from work and stretch out on the sofa and relax every day

  24. Hazy Dee Dmonte Reply

    My favourite sofa moments happens on a wk-end, after a busy day when the whole family (kids,partner dogs and cat) all end up cuddles up on the sofa having a chat 🙂

  25. I love cosying up on the sofa with a good film on cold winter days, having everything to hand – blanket, tea, biscuits, phone, remote, hot water bottle etc, so I can get comfy and don’t have to move for a while!

  26. kate CARRINGTON Reply

    cuddling up with my family with some goodies watching a film #Sofamoment

  27. Cherry Edwards Reply

    My favourite sofa moment is when my son has had his tea, had his bath and has got himself ready for bed nice and early and then we both get comfy on the sofa underneath his ‘blanky’ to watch a film of his choosing. We both enjoy it and it brings us closer.

  28. Spencer Broadley Reply

    Curled up with my fiancee, a good bottle of wine (or 2!!) and a good romcom film on dvd

  29. emma walters Reply

    being able to sit & bond whilst feeding my baby girl & watching hubby do the housework hehe

  30. jacqui graham Reply

    having the living room to myself, a large cushion on the sofa and the remote control for the TV

  31. Mary Heald Reply

    Slobbing out, dog at our feet, squashy sofa, giant cushions and relaxed atmosphere!

  32. Emma Nixon Reply

    #sofamoment relaxing with a cuppa tea, a slice of homemade cake and a good book. Peace and quiet..

  33. tracey ryder Reply

    love when all the family are cuddled up on the sofa watching tv and of course the cats to

  34. Hazel Wright Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is when we’ve picked a really brilliant film to watch and made a ‘buffet’ tea to eat while watching. We have trays full of really amazing food to nibble on, it makes the pleasure last for ages!

  35. Maxine Owen Reply

    My favourite #sofamoment is chilling eating popcorn and watching a movie with my husband.

  36. Tracy Hanley Reply

    My favourite sofa moment is watching kids tv with my 2 grandkids , with a snack and drink

  37. Sarah Wyatt Reply

    When we first bought our new sofa we got a lovely picture of my then baby girl sitting on it and laughing – it always makes me smile.

  38. #SofaMoment Sunday nights with hubby just chilling before the chaos begins again

  39. That time of the day when you have finished working, cleaning, cooking etc and you can finally sit down on the sofa with your little bundle of joy in your arms: bliss! #SofaMoment

  40. Rena plumridge Reply

    My favourite sofa moment is getting home from work and plonking myself down on it!

  41. Joanne Hutchings Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is when me and my little boy are snuggled up reading his bedtime story.

  42. My favourite #SofaMoment is putting my feet up on a Friday night, knowing I don’t have to get up early for work the next day, so can snuggle up for late night tv.

  43. Julie Davies Reply

    curling up on a Friday night after a long week at work with a bottle of wine, some chocolate and nibbles and my best mate for a good gossip

  44. Astra Coath Reply

    My favourite sofa moments are in the morning when my little one wakes up and her baby sister is still asleep, we go downstairs get on the sofa cuddle up under a blanket and watch cartoons. Also at night when she’s in her pjs and snuggles between me and her daddy with her bunny under her arm and her milk in her other hand. Love it x

  45. Angela Wilcox Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is snuggling up with the kids and husband to watch Doctor Who

  46. Sarah Mackay Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is coorying in under my blanket with my daughter watching a good movie

  47. William Gould Reply

    Mine is cuddled up with my lovely wife on a Sunday afternoon watching the Premier League football after a marvelous home cooked Sunday roast!

  48. Katie Kingsbury Reply

    Curling up with my Kindle and the cat when it’s raining outside.

  49. My favourite #SofaMoment is building a sofa den with the kids. 🙂

  50. Angela McDonald Reply

    #SofaMoment Settling down with a good Netflix series, Ben & Jerrys and the boyfriend!

  51. My fave #Sofamoment is when I have had a relaxing bath on a Sunday night in the winter and snuggle under a blanket watching a film in my pjs.

  52. My favourite #SofaMoment is a bit of me time where I can grab a book and get lost in the story.

  53. David Paterson Reply

    #SofaMoment A good book, a roaring fire in the middle of a snowy winter

  54. #SofaMoment Christmas Morning opening gifts with all the family sitting on the Sofa

  55. Claire Nutman Reply

    My favourite sofamoment has to be when i have my knitted throw, favourite biscuits, my fiance for company, and a top boxset to watch x

  56. Rachael Medley Reply

    My favourite sofa moment was when my husband and I moved into our first home that we bought recently. We hadn’t moved much furniture over but we had the sofa and we were so happy to sit in our own sitting room for the first time.

  57. Kane Casburn Reply

    Best sofa moment is cuddled up with my partner watching a good to series.

  58. Kimberley Clewes Reply

    Snuggling and watching a film under loads of blankets/ duvets

  59. At the end of the day having the sofa to myself and catching up with the soaps, enjoying a choccie bar!

  60. Joanne Beale Reply

    #SofaMoment on the sofa with the cat stretched out with a glass of wine watching a good film

  61. Cristina McDowall Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is finally sitting down at the end of the day when the kids are finally in bed and I finally get to watch something that isn’t on Cbeebies

  62. Caroline Hunter Reply

    My #SofaMoment is snuggling up to my husband watching old films 🙂

  63. My favourite #SofaMoment is cuddling on the sofa with my daughters reading books.

  64. Richard Jeffs Reply

    sitting on my sofa stroking my cat, that is heaven to me

  65. Adeline Sheradelia Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is snuggled up with the hubby, enjoying some wine and chocolates, watching our favourite movies!

  66. It’s all about just chilling out, something great on Netflix and doing NOTHING! haha

  67. Lindsey Stuart Reply

    My favourite #sofamoment is relaxing with my cat watching a movie on Netflix with my tasty treats at hand 😉

    I need a sofa moment today 🙂

  68. faye lacey Reply

    when my two year old grabs her blanky and the toffee tub and we can snuggle and watch a dvd!

  69. Margaret Clarkson Reply

    My favourite is all of the family snuggled up on the sofa to watch a good film

  70. amy fidler Reply

    #sofamoment is chilling infront of the tv on a lazy sunday afternoon,aftering sunday dinner,watching programmes on catch up tv x

  71. Anna Fletcher Reply

    My favorite #SofaMoment is sitting snuggled up watching a good film with a cup of tea while it’s raining outside

  72. glenn hutton Reply

    Snuggling up with family watching a good film and eating chocolate!

  73. Helen Metcalfe Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment s where always at christmas. In the busy week before christmas we would have a family movie night and watch a christmas movie. We managed to keep this tradition going even when they became teenagers. Families spend too much time apart that its nice to have a time when you all sit together on one big sofa and enjoy some quality time.

  74. gemma hamilton Reply

    The best sofa moments happen near christmas for me…There’s nothing better than snuggling up with my hubby and 6 year old son with some hot chocolate whilst watching ‘The Polar Express’… In summer it’s all about making the sofa into a fort with cushions, blankets and obviously you need a password to get in!

  75. Abigail Cullen Reply

    My perfect #SofaMoment, would be watching a good movie with an array of yummy snacks and very chilled Pepsi Max at hand. 🙂

  76. Marianne Daniels Reply

    sitting on the sofa at home while mt dad reads a books, my mum the newspaper and I sew.

  77. Danielle Spencer Reply

    I love a good snuggle with my partner and pets on the sofa and a good film or TV Series #SofaMoment

  78. maddalena dalton Reply

    watching a good drama snuggled up on the soft with a box of chocolates

  79. Fanny Tran Reply

    snuggled up with my fiance on the sofa with popcorn in front of a good movie and escape wedding planning for a few hours !

  80. Alana Walker Reply

    Bringing my baby son home for the first time and having a relax on the sofa with my new little family.

  81. Christmas day on the sofa! Curled up with my family watching films and munching through chocolates and other treats.

  82. watching a really good film late at night, with my feet up, and nothing to disturb me

  83. Hannah Scudder Reply

    My favourite sofa moment is when our son is in bed and myself and my partner can sit and relax and watch something that is not animated!

  84. Helen Rodwell Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is when the kids are asleep in bed,
    I finally manage to watch TV; grown up stuff, past the watershed!

  85. lucy higgins Reply

    Snuggled under the blanket with the cat watching a movie with chocolate!

  86. Paula Readings Reply

    My favourite sofa moment is being curled up with the dog with us both eating crisps watching one of my series.

  87. My favourite #SofaMoment is in the evening after dinner, chilling watching the soaps

  88. christine reid Reply

    snuggling up on the sofa after dinner and having storytime before bed.

  89. Louise Comb Reply

    I work from home, so my fave #SofaMoment is when my work is done and I can relax and watch some TV 🙂

  90. Up until recently it was snuggling up to hubbie with a fleecy blanket. now its without the blanket!

  91. Jo Carroll Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment came in 2012 watching the London Olympics on TV during Super Saturday when Team GB won 3 gold medals. We were all super proud and jumping up and down watching it all unfold onscreen. It would have looked really funny on Gogglebox 😉 Hopefully we’ll all share some more special memories this Summer watching our guys and girls compete in Rio.

  92. sharon martin Reply

    i would be curled up on the sofa under a blanket with a good book & a cuppa, 5mins of me time

  93. Jodie Cook Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment was when we finally got our first sofa and sat on it for hours having a movie marathon! We didn’t have one for several months after moving in – you really appreciate your sofa more when you’ve spent months watching the TV sitting on the hard floor!

  94. Caroline H Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is that half hour before bed when everything is done for the day and the house if quiet and peaceful.

  95. My favourite #sofamoment is when I’m sat on my own, with the TV remote and able to relax with my feet up and a glass of wine.

  96. Lisa Everaert Reply

    When its been a hard day at work, i`ve come home and my partner has already made the coffee and tea and i just sink into the sofa and relax for the evening. #SofaMoment

  97. Julie Feathers Reply

    In the evening with a throw over me watching my fav tv programme or film

  98. Gwyn Sharps Reply

    Hugs with my dog under a blanket with a hot cup of tea and a good film.

  99. Ellen Sheppard Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is when everyone else has gone to bed and I can watch what I want on TV 🙂

  100. I love snuggling with my kids, especially in the winter when the fire is lit!

  101. Suzanne Drummond Reply

    i work on a busy maternity ward and i just love to come home have a bath get into my onsie and curl up on the sofa next to my fiance , chat about out day and sometimes we are joined by our 2 children who also like to snuggle in and watch disney movies, drink hot chocolate and relax .

  102. Henry Little Reply

    snuggling up on the sofa after a nice shower, warm cuddly jimjams & a good movie on the tv

  103. Helen Adams Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is cuddling up with my hubby and a glass of wine

  104. tom buchanan Reply

    any time i can actually sit on it after a long day at work

  105. My favourite #SofaMoment is catching up with Game of Thrones

  106. Susan Smith Reply

    My sofa moment is in the evening when all is quiet, i snuggle up on the sofa, with a good book and a cuppa

  107. Nicola Jones Reply

    My sofa moment is a cold saturday night when the whole family sits watching a rom com with chocolate and popcorn

  108. My favourite sofa moment was snuggling up on the sofa with my two knew kittens sitting on my legs playing together-before they got too big!

  109. Snuggling with my family with hot chocolate and a biscuit and having a chat about our day. #SofaMoment

  110. My favourite #SofaMoment of all time was when my husband, our son (then two), me and our five day old daughter, who we had just brought home from hospital that day, all sat down together on the sofa. I felt very happy and very blessed.

  111. Louise Smith Reply

    My daughter snuggles on my knee and we all have popcorn and a movie

  112. #SofaMoment my favourite sofa moment was when I had my youngest. We brought her home from the hospital and all just sat on the sofa for hours cuddling in a bubble of ‘baby love’

  113. Laura Jeffs Reply

    Relaxing with a good book and a glass of chilled white wine 😉

  114. Esma Blackwell Reply

    Spending time cuddled up on the sofa.With hubby and kids watch a film all snuggled up #SofaMoment

  115. feet up on a Sunday afternoon watching football on the TV, eating biscuits 🙂

  116. karen scammell Reply

    My favourite #sofamoment is when my cats jump up on me for a cuddle

  117. Sharon Jackson Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is being layed out watching the box with a big bag of cheese balls when the kids have gone to their grandparents, it’s the only time I get to watch anything in peace 🙂

  118. julie kenny Reply

    I love Friday nights on the sofa with my husband and kids – watching TV and eating lots of sweets 🙂 x

  119. abigail edkins Reply

    the first time I sat and cuddled my baby grand daughter in my arms, I pretty much melted #SofaMoment

  120. Marion Weir Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment has to be when my Grandchildren are having a sleepover. We snuggle up after having our walk. Popcorn, DVD, Grannys special Hot Chocolate and loads of cuddles. Money could not buy better 😀

  121. My favourite sofa moment is sat relaxing watching a good film on the TV

  122. michelle hall Reply

    sitting down after a long day at work with a glass of wine ready to catch up with the soaps

  123. my #sofamoment is that moment when you come home from work, finish all the chores and finally are able to put your feet up! bliss

  124. My favourite #SofaMoment was laughing at Will & Grace with my daughter snuggled up together – we never missed an episode x

  125. Doreen Mccarthy Reply

    I love to snuggle up with my twins watching a good film with lots of yummy snacks

  126. Hannah Martin Reply

    My favourite #sofamoment is when my biggest boy Ted reads picture books to his little brother Rhu all snuggled up under their duvets just before bedtime x

  127. Lisa Parker Reply

    My favourite #Sofamoment is being alone, snuggled up on my sofa with my blanket while it is pouring down with rain outside

  128. Skye Moore Reply

    chilling on the sofa with my cats and my Bestie, watching Breaking Bad

  129. Dylan Calderon Reply

    my #SofaMoment is when I’m at home, all curled up in blankets while on the sofa with a few goods snacks and a nice cup of tea watching one of my favourite tv shows/ films

  130. Rebecca England Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is me cuddling up with my dog listening to my daughter playing the piano

  131. Alix Smith Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is when my husband is home in the evening, the kids are in bed & we’re having a nice glass of wine and a curry – totally relaxed!

  132. Marie Stubbings Reply

    My favourite #sofamoment is watching a major sporting fixture like an Andry Murray Wimbledon final or one of Englands World Cup games, cheering them on and going through all the emotions with all the family!

  133. Sharon Jones Reply

    When we first got our puppy buddy and my son cuddled him for the first time he was so happy #sofamoment

  134. Becky Duffy Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is on a Saturday evening with my partner and our daughter having a nice time together as a family 🙂 xx

  135. justine meyer Reply

    There is nothing more gracious than cuddling up on the sofa with my kids #SofaMoment

  136. Rebecca williams Reply

    My favourite #sofamoment is snuggled on the sofa with my family watching a movie with plenty of treats 🙂

  137. Tammy Westrup Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is cuddling up with my kids for a good story

  138. My favourite #sofaMoment is curling up with hubby to watch a good movie or programme in the evening

  139. Lee Ritson Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is every saturday night. Me and my daughter head to my work to get a DVD or 2 for the night and we always sit down with a pizza, some snacks and a film 🙂

  140. Alison Joyce Reply

    #SofaMoment Having cuddles with my daughter in the morning before I go to work and she goes to school.

  141. Lynsey Magowan Reply

    My favourite #sofamoment is on a friday night with a glass of wine and the hubby, watching a movie!

  142. Kristy Brown Reply

    When my soldier hubby comes home and snuggles up #SofaMoment

  143. Jayne Townson Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is cuddled up with my kids and a big stack of books having story time together. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  144. My favourite sofa moment is the first time my hubby was a sleep on the sofa with my baby son on top of him, so cute! x

  145. My favourite sofa moment is my gorgeous so snuggled into me whilst we read stories

  146. sian hallewell Reply

    I enjoy a cuddle with the grandchildren and sharing a story on the sofa together

  147. lyn Burgess Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is when my little one goes for her afternoon nap, and I get time for a cup of tea and a choccie biscuit in peace.

  148. Cuddling on the sofa with my little boy when he comes home from school.

  149. Lorraine Tinsley Reply

    I love snuggling up with my daughters to watch a movie, a big bowl of popcorn #SofaMoment

  150. Anthony Harrington Reply

    my #SofaMoment is when my 2 Border Collies snuggle up with me, which actually means they let me squeeze in on the end, but still, it is cozy!

  151. Jaelin Farrow Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is watching a film with my partner, or watching Game of Thrones on a Monday night!

  152. Leanne Newsome Reply

    My favourite sofa moment is when I’m snuggled upto my two beautiful children having a movie day

  153. Chrissie Curtis Reply

    My Favourite #SofaMoment is when we Just moved into our own home and finally got the Sofas.

    It was a really busy few weeks but the perfect #SofaMoment was Just sitting down together as a couple and relaxing knowing this was the start of a new chapter!

  154. Stuart Allen Reply

    got to be when we all get together to watch the soaps on a evening!

  155. Harline parkin Reply

    #SofaMoment it was when my mum and dad was on a holiday programme on television! They went to Spain and being Yorkshire they sounded so much broad Yorkshire on TV will never forget it X

  156. Phil Darling Reply

    Winter evenings, fire in the grate and a goof film on the TV

  157. Catherine McAlinden Reply

    Snuggling on the sofa under a duvet with the kids!

  158. Robyn Seviour Reply

    My favorite #SofaMoment is winter snuggles under a blanket with my 2 fur babies and a hot water bottle

  159. gemma brown Reply

    #SofaMoment my favourite sofa moments are when all 5 of us sit and watch a film on a rainy weekend

  160. tanya clarke Reply

    Snuggling up with the kids planning yummy menu for the week

  161. MANDY DOHERTY Reply

    After a busy day running around after my toddler grandsons, when they been bathed and snuggle up for cuddles before bed #sofamoment

  162. Kirsteen Mackay Reply

    #SofaMoment my favourite sofa moment is watching Vikings with my husband whilst drinking red wine out of ancient goblets.

  163. Liam Bishop Reply

    My favouite #Sofamoment was sitting down with my wife one evening and eating a whole box of Hotel CHocolat to ourselves. #Sorrynotsorry

  164. Julie Howarth Reply

    Snuggled up on the sofa with my daughter watching a good movie

  165. helen tovell Reply

    Just me a glass of wine and the latest episode of my favourite tv programme

  166. Lauren Tourle Reply

    My favourite #sofamoment would be when i get to snuggle up with my other half and watch a film after a busy week 🙂

  167. Kiran Parry Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is relaxing watching a good film.

  168. My favourite #Sofamoment was when my 4 year old grandson came up to me while i was watching tv, and he said “Nanny can i have cuddle please” and we stayed cuddled up till the film ended, that’s the longest he have ever sat still lol, but it was worth every penny..

  169. My favourite #sofamoment has to be coming in the front door and seeing my boys and other half all piled up asleep on the sofa. Looking so (unusually!) peaceful 🙂

  170. Rosalind Sargent Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is in the evening when kids are in bed, Time to relax with my Husband cuddle and watch TV/Listen to music


    The best part of the day for me is the evening – all jobs done,everyone accounted for, and flaking out on the sofa with something good to eat and a binge- watch on Netflix

  172. Alix Boswell Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is on a Monday night when i get to watch Game Of Thrones, its the best hour of my life!

  173. amanda walsh Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment has got to be at the end of a long day, we all get ready for bed and get the cuddly blankets out. We all sit down and watch a movie

  174. jennifer thorpe Reply

    at the end of the day, when all the chores are done and I can finally relax with a glass of wine

  175. Kelly Hemmings Reply

    Being snuggled up with your loved one in the winter with the heating on and drinking red win

  176. jude dysart Reply

    My favourite #sofamoment is eating cheesy snacks,then chocs, with a hot water bottle and a good film!

  177. Snuggling under the blanket with my husband watching black & white movies

  178. When I sit with my little niece and have a cuddle! Or when she’s listening to me and learning about whatever it is I’m talking about. Today it was showing her my earrings, how they worked and what they were called (dots on my skin = earrings)

  179. My favourite #SofaMoment is sitting down with a nice cup of tea after a hard day’s work and with my cat settled down on my lap

  180. Emma Cordery Reply

    I love a nana nap in the afternoon with my little boy on the sofa,

  181. Sticking a nice film on and snuggling up with a blanket and a hot chocolate

  182. christine szlobodnik Reply

    Cuddling up with my 5 cats & hubby whilst watching awesome films xo

  183. Jamie Edwards Reply

    I’d like to say my favorite #SofaMoment is with my kiddies but if i’m totally honest with myself, it’s not! It’s when they’ve gone to bed and it’s quiet, and nobody is pulling my hair or shouting in my ear! Heavenly 🙂

  184. Ruth Thomas Reply

    Christmas Eve is our family sofa time, we all settle down to watch Elf!
    Although the kids are 16 & 18 I still insist we do this EVERY year!! xx

  185. My #SofaMoment is spending time with my family curled up on the sofa, enjoying watching a good movie or having a nice chat and a cup of tea 🙂

  186. kelly mobbs Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is when i get half hour break from everybody to just put my feet up with a cup of tea and a gripping book with my 2 sausage dogs curled up next to me for warmth.

  187. Hayley Elvin Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is when me and the kids sit down to a good movie with some popcorn.

  188. Karen Smith Reply

    Snuggling up with my teenage daughter on a Tuesday night for our weekly episode of Holby City with a nice cuppa. Bliss!!

  189. samantha price Reply

    mine is a good book , hot cholate and a box of choclates

  190. cheryl hadfield Reply

    My favorite #SofaMoment is cuddles on the sofa with my family after a long hard day at work.

  191. Jemma Beynon Reply

    My favourite #sofamoment is cuddled up on the sofa with my lil one watching a Disney movie with a blanket and sweets

  192. Rebecca Nisbet Reply

    Just before my daughter goes to bed she likes a family cuddle, so we all sit together, including the dog, and have a cuddle whilst we watch simpsons.

  193. Ohhh what a good question. For me it has to be the before bed cuddles when we curl up on the sofa together, dim the lights, snuggle up and unwind! #SofaMoment

  194. Isabelle Smith Reply

    #SofaMoment is watching a film with the girlfriend with a takeaway

  195. Nat thomason Reply

    We had an old blue sofa and the house rabbit made a hole in the back and took up residence in it . Munching on roar crumbs and other nasties . My neighbour bought it off of me I dread to think what the rabbit has deposited in there . She was upset when it went and didn’t take up home in the new leather one x

  196. doing homework with my daughter love having mother and daughter time

  197. Kali filsell Reply

    Most favourite sofa moment is when my daughter came early , I actually gave birth on my sofa ! She came a bit suddenly lol I didn’t have time to get to hospital ,
    Still have the sofa now !


    when i have a nap on the sofa- not very often with a 3 month old!

  199. Angela Kelly Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is with a glass of white wine and a good book.

  200. Angie Hoggett Reply

    my fave #sofamoment is when I get a quiet 10 minutes to myself to put my feet up and have a cuppa!

  201. aaron broad Reply

    I like the feeling of watching something with the family after a hard days work #SofaMoment

  202. Holly Gibson Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is the first time I sit down when I get home from work, preferably with a glass of wine

  203. Lucy Mills Reply

    My favourite #sofamoment is first thing in the morning when the kids are still abit sleepy and we snuggle in front of the tv before breakfast 🙂

  204. Laura Pritchard Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment was when I used them to lean on when I was in labour with both my kids.

  205. My favourite #SofaMoment has to be Monday nights from October to April – Watching the Walking Dead with my son, pizza, duvet and popcorn It’s the best night of the week!!

  206. Simon Smith Reply

    I don’t have sofa. So I suppose it would be when I visit a friend….

  207. Maria Hackett Reply

    I felt my twin babies kicks for the first time whilst I was reading a magazine on the sofa was my favourite #SofaMoment

  208. tracy james Reply

    my best sofa moment is a good book and a big chocolate bar x

  209. Cassandra Mayers Reply

    Mine is when Lily comes and Jumps on my knee, She 18 months so doesn’t sit still for long but we will row row row your boat and Sing, and today I was pretending to fall asleep on the Sofa and she though it was soooo funny waking me up. Fun moments like that are best sofa times! 😀

  210. Judith Allen Reply

    I can’t tell you an old favourite sofa moment, it’s not for sharing. But we are older and wiser now, so I’ll stick with pizza and a good movie.

  211. My favourite #SofaMoment is in the Autumn months because i love to curl up on my sofa with a duvet, with snacks, wine and netflix. Falling asleep is always guaranteed. It’s always a struggle to go up to bed when i get comfortable on the sofa.

  212. I love when the family visits on Sunday afternoons but my #sofamoment is when everyone has gone and it’s relax time with a full tummy.

  213. grainne marnell-fox Reply

    #mysofamoment is watching tv and the kids are happy and laughing and no fighting, shame it doesn’t last very long

  214. debbie smith Reply

    My favourite #Sofamoment is just before bed time snuggling with my son and reading a bed time story xx

  215. katrina walsh Reply

    Curled up with a good horror movie and the 2 pooches on my lap

  216. Michaela Hannah Reply

    I love it when my 2 children come and cuddle in and we read a book together, i’m cherishing those moments before they go!

  217. Annette Oliver Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is reading to my daughter before she goes to bed

  218. Joanne Baldwin Reply

    Snuggling up with my daughter after school to watch The Simpsons is my favourite #sofamoment!

  219. Corinne Peat Reply

    My favourite #sofamoment is with all four of my children cuddled up watching a film and talking about nothing in particular. Quality time is precious.

  220. Rebecca Alderson Reply

    Relaxing on the couch with my other half and ice cream in front of the tv!

  221. Tracy Read Reply

    My favourite sofa moments are once the kiddies are in bed and I can snuggle up and watch my soaps!

  222. Favourite #sofamoment would be warm house, snuggly blanket, a nice book, a nice drink and a stash of chocolate 🙂

  223. Silvana Martins Reply

    My favourite #Sofamoment is when I’m with my family eating and making jokes about each other or playing UNO

  224. Katie skeoch Reply

    Movie night with my boys, a blanket, snacks & a little family time

  225. claire woods Reply

    My favourite sofa moment was watching the sun set over the Lake District whilst on holiday. Our holiday cottage’s living room was upstairs and the sofa was opposite a big window looking over the hills.

  226. joanne casey Reply

    My favourite sofa moment is when the kids are in bed and me and the hubby have sat down to watch something we have been looking forwards (at the moment its game of thrones), we’ll have a bottle of vino and a nice takeaway

  227. Rachel Butterworth Reply

    Watching a nice family film with my niece, three nephews and dog all snuggled up.

  228. Annie Bathurst Reply

    My favourite sofa moment is without any doubt all 4 of us on the sofa after a having spend a good day together, finished dinner and having put all the dishes away. Then when the eyes are getting a little bit tired and you can see them fighting their sleep. Often this will mean a hand on my shoulder, curling my hair around their fingers. Feeling seriously blessed when this happens.

  229. watching back to back episodes of anything i have recorded on tv in peace and quiet

  230. Vicky Hawkins Reply

    Film and Pizza night on a Friday with my Hubbe and two girls

  231. Rachel McMillan Reply

    I love cuddling up with my girls 7 years and 10 months

  232. Isobelle Forde Reply

    Sofa moment, a great movie, snacks and being with the one you love!

  233. Simon penfold Reply

    Fav sofa moment is catching in with the kids watching a film

  234. Nancy Bradford Reply

    Sitting between my daughter and the dog when they are both in cuddling moods.

  235. My sofa moment is relaxing on the sofa on a evening with a good film on the TV

  236. Tracey Peach Reply

    My Favourite #SofaMoment Is When My Family Come Round & We All Sit On The Sofa & Chat About What’s Going On In Each Others Life 🙂

  237. Gemma Greene Reply

    My favourite sofa moments are when I’m snuggled up with my 3 babies watching a nice film.

  238. Ann Robinson Reply

    My favourite sofa moment is in an evening where everything else is done and you can sit down and relax (preferably with a bar of chocolate)

  239. leigh boyle Reply

    my #sofamoment is when me and my partner snuggle down after a long day out with the kiddies xx

  240. Leanne V McKenna Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is when it’s just me and my husband, lights dimmed, good movie on, wine and a big bowl of popcorn. Bliss!

  241. Valerie Seal Reply

    i’m not fussy on my sofa moment as long as I’m on a recliner!

  242. Pip Bennett Reply

    My favourite #sofamoment is the one where I have a cup of tea next to me and a book in my hand. It happens quite often, and I love it! 🙂

  243. Helen Stratton Reply

    My favourite sofa moments are when the kids are all asleep ( or at least all in bed!) and i’m snuggled up with my husband, reading a good book and relaxing.

  244. claire blaney Reply

    My sofa moment is last thing at night with a latte & a movie on the TV. & i get the me time i need

  245. Pam Francis Gregory Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is sitting down with a nice cup of tea after a busy day at work

  246. Nicola McC Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is when I come in from a long day at work to cuddle up with my adorable Border Collie on the sofa!

  247. Ema J Lowe Reply

    My best #SofaMoment is when my youngest is on my lap and my girls either side of me, all having cuddles together.

  248. Denise Cross Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is when we are allin at the same time – doesn’t happen often- and enjoy a movie together


    My favourite #sofamoment was watching Gremlins with our Connor who was about 4 at the time – he started sobbing at Gizmo having to leave Billy and go back to live with the Chinese man. He was heartbroke – was so cute though! Still a memory that I love!

  250. my favourite #sofamoment is when I manage to sneak a snuggle with the fella when he doesn’t expect it!

  251. michelle o'neill Reply

    snuggling with my husband and grandaughter in front of a movie on rainy days #SofaMoment

  252. david cavender Reply

    cuddling up with my lovely girlfriend watching old Hollywood movies!

  253. Greig spencer Reply

    at christmas when we watch films and eat roses under a blanket with the tree twinkling in the background

  254. Getting my awesome purple Budda Bag as an Xmas pressie and trying it out with my nearest and dearest

  255. Clare Bluett Reply

    Snuggling with my partner and kitties watching a moving when it is cold outside but we are warm because we have kitty heating!

  256. Cuddling up to my girls and reading a story – Even the cats sometimes join us!

  257. Laura Caraher Reply

    My fave #sofamoment is chilling out with a glass of Prosecco and catching up on Game of Thrones 🙂

  258. clair downham Reply

    snuggling with the kids and wine and popcorn and a good film

  259. Lisa Dolatowski Reply

    My sofa moment is with a good book, a cup of assam and some carrot cake!

  260. Annabel Greaves Reply

    Snuggling up on the sofa with the kids watching a fab Disney dvd xx

  261. The best sofa moments for me are when the TV is off, radio is off, and we sit on the sofa really quietly watching the two muntjacs that like to stroll around our garden eating the plants! They are beautiful to watch even if they do eat everything in sight!

  262. Debbie Southwell Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is when my children age 14 and 3 snuggle up with me to watch a family movie and then they go to bed and I will have a glass of wine and watch a soppy film!

  263. My favourite #sofaMoment is when.the. son and Mr are off work /school and we just sit and watch a movie with them, because the moments are so few and far between! 🙁

  264. Nicola Hollyoake Reply

    My favourite #sofamoment is when me and my partner rarely get an evening together to snuggle up and watch a good film eat lots and drink lots of wine 🙂

  265. angela jones Reply

    my sofa moment is chilling out, laptop on my knee entering competitions, although not having any luck in winning.

  266. Chelsea Barnes Reply

    my favourite #sofamoment is watching television with my own mum. It’s our time to catch up and giggle together, and its made even more special by the fact she has just beaten breast cancer!

  267. Jane Adair Reply

    my favourite #sofamoment is when we have all the family round and we are all perched on the floors and chairs waiting for someone to get off the sofa to pee so we can nab their seat 🙂

  268. Emma Gibson Reply

    My favourite sofa moment is on xmas day with my family, playing games and eating good food.

  269. Jess Lambert Reply

    When my little girl is sleepy and my other half is home 🙂 get some lovely cuddles 🙂

  270. Caroline Cordery Reply

    My favourite sofa moment would be choosing a new family film to watch on netflix or similar, or putting on one of our christmas favourites in December under the blankets.

  271. Jayne Kelsall Reply

    Snuggling down on a Saturday with a good film and popcorn with the kids.x

  272. donna l jones Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is snuggled up watching a movie with the grandchildren

  273. michelle speight Reply

    laid on the sofa with the dogs after kids are in bed i get the remote then!

  274. Sarah Baines Reply

    My favourite sofa moments happened during the 2012 Olympics! Cheering on our country’s best sporting personalities with friends and family (over a few drinks!!). Not usually a sporting fan, but I loved how the whole country came together to cheer on the athletes!!

  275. Arielle Bosworth Reply

    snuggling with my cat under a blanket watching a box set!

  276. Sarah Dearnley Reply

    Watching Disney Movies with my daughter and my dog 🙂

  277. My favourite #SofaMoment is crashing out to watch television after having finished the day’s chores and having all the cats appear mysteriously to join me.

  278. My sofa is super comfy – I open the balcony door and let the breeze hit me as I watch TV and films. Perfect #SofaMoment

  279. Louise ryves Reply

    My favourite #sofamoment is cuddled up with my family watching a movie

  280. I love 6pm sofa time with my partner when he gets in from work and 3month old twins. Its the same film every night before bed (The lion king)

  281. Angela Williams Reply

    my sofa moment is when the kids are in bed and my husband has gone down the pub and I can just relax

  282. Rachael Buckley Reply

    Curling up after a long day at work with our gorgeous rescue mini schnauzer called Audrey and my hubby! A glass of wine in hand and a good tv programme never goes a miss either!

  283. Charlene Keddy Reply

    Many years ago we adopted our first “fur baby” from Cats Protection. On the day he arrived he quickly jumped up to the living room window, had a quick look around, and then hopped down onto our DFS sofa where he immediately curled up and fell asleep! It was as though he had always lived here. This little guy – who we later called Curly, is now 15 years old and still loves his sofa snoozes with lots of cuddles and extra rubs xx

  284. I have a yuck/giggles #sofamoment 🙂
    When I was still living with my family they had bought two new sofas: a cream loveseat size sofa (which we still fondly call the “marshmallow” couch because of how you sink into it) and a long suede one with a chaise bit. Well, I was relaxing watching my home improvement programs and went to get a refill of my snack when I realized I had started my period! Luckily I was on the red sofa, but still! I was about 14 years old and absolutely panicked that my parents would go ballistic about me having stained the brand new sofa within just a few days, so I ran to the loo and grabbed all the cleaning bottles I could find. One of them was what we used to clean up any dog messes, so poor pup thought he was in for it when he saw me carrying that one through to the living room! Luckily, I managed to scrub most of the stain away, but placed a cushion over the spot just in case..
    To this day they still have not realized, and the cushion seems to have remained in that general spot over the years! 😛 Taught me to problem solve so quickly though!

  285. Tina Glover Reply

    My Favourite #sofamoment is cuddled up with my hubby and daughter and watching a good family film 🙂 ziggy and stardust our cats usually come and sit on the arm too!!

  286. Chris wright Reply

    Relaxing after a hard days work with a tub of ice cream and a good film

  287. Elizabeth Gurney Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is when I have to share lying on my husbands chest with my cat! Family cuddles hehe

  288. Laura Nice Reply

    That moment after christmas dinner, when you have all just sat down, washed up and its time for a family film. #sofamoment #perfect

  289. Tasha Hamilton Reply

    My favourite sofa moment is snuggling up with my dog after my daughter has gone to bed

  290. suzanna gentle Reply

    My fave #sofamoment is that time of day just after the children have gone to bed and been read a story. I come downstairs and my husband usually pours me a glass of wine. We snuggle on the sofa and he always asks me about my day and gives me a cuddle 🙂

  291. My favourite #SofaMoment is finally holding my lovely niece for first time at home, after she was born extremely prematurely at 24 weeks !

  292. My favourite #sofamoment is when my boyfriend is off work for once and we just chill out and watch some TV and have a take away 🙂

  293. kimberley ryan Reply

    my favourite #SofaMoment is every Saturday evening. This is our family movie evenings, we all snuggle up together and watch a family movie, and eat popcorn

  294. Laura McGuigan Reply

    My favourite #sofamoments are when I sit down for the first time after being at work all day and our cat comes for a cuddle.

  295. Laurie Glen Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is when its building up to Christmas and everything is so cosy and we have all the fairy lights on!

  296. My favourite #SofaMoment is when all the family is home and we watch one of our family favourites with lots of nibbles and a cheeky glass of wine or two for me

  297. My favourite #sofamoment is when I’m sat with my sister, having a girly movie night with lots of yummy snacks!

  298. Nicola Dow Reply

    Cuddled up with my little boy watching Disney movies and eating goodies. Those are the best #SofaMoments x

  299. My favourite #sofamoment at this very moment is sitting in front of Springwatch with a cup of tea. Alternatively, I do love a #sofamoment that involves peace, quiet and a good book.

  300. Sheri Darby Reply

    My favourite #sofamoment is curling up with my little black cat

  301. Laura Whittle Reply

    #SofaMoment Watching Disney Princess films with a bag of popcorn with my little girls Alexa & Chloe x

  302. cheryl lovell Reply

    My favourite sofa moment is when my son and I make dens out of the cushions!!

  303. stephen holman Reply

    after having a cheap ikea sofa bed for years – finally had our #sofamoment by upgrading to a HUGE comfortable corner sofa – laying out watching telly has never been so good!!

  304. jules Eley Reply

    sunday night is movie night in our house we all pile on the sofa under blankets with snacks and watch movies together all 6 of us and two dogs… love it!

  305. Nicki Simpson Reply

    I love when my little girl has a sneaky nap cuddled into me On our sofa ?

  306. Cristín Williams Reply

    I love Sunday mornings, no rush to go anywhere, sit in our pjs and have breakfast then have a cuddle before getting ready for the day ahead

  307. Wendy Smith Reply

    My favourite sofa moment is in the evening, after getting the children to bed we have an hour of us time, relaxing and catching up with the days events

  308. Sarah Gibson Reply

    Watching Disney films on a Sunday afternoon with my four year old is my favourite #SofaMoment xx

  309. Paula Phillips Reply

    My favourite sofa moment is at the end of the day when the children are in bed an I get the sofa to myself with time to go on my laptop and eat some chocolate.

  310. Frances Heaton Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is cuddling with my little grandchild and drawing pictures. Special moments.

  311. Rebecca Austin Reply

    When its a friday night, no work the next day, relax on the sofa with a film, hubby and daughter. Eating treats

  312. My fav sofa moment is sitting down at the end of the day, knowing there’s no more jobs to be done until tomorrow!

  313. Laura Graty Reply

    I work Saturdays so every Saturday evening me my partner and son get snuggled on the sofa and have a movie night

  314. Kayley Hill Reply

    I seriously have a fave sofa moment every night, me and the other half snuggle up and watch programs, a lot better in winter when we are cold and share a blanket 🙂

  315. Emily Hutchinson Reply

    After a long day of work, just sitting back and relaxing, it’s bliss

  316. My favourite #SofaMoment is having some quiet alone time with a good book, hot drink and big block of chocolate!

  317. Nicola Lynch Reply

    At the end of the day, just before the tea rush begins I love snuggling down with my 3 yr old boy to have a bit of downtime. It makes me very happy 🙂 #SofaMoment

  318. Amanda Gregory Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is cuddling up on the sofa with my great-nice, Mia, whilst she watches Frozen.

  319. Mary Campbell Reply

    My absolute favourite #SofaMoment is checking the lottery numbers and discovering I’ve had a nice little win

  320. after I get changed out of my work uniform love slobbing out with the telly watching on the buses is my guilty pleasure with a tub on icecream 🙂

  321. Sue Harrison Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is snuggling with my hubby and watching a good thriller

  322. Kerry Kilmister Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is when all the kids have gone to sleep and I am able to curl up on my sofa with a hot chocolate, if fresh pjs and chatting to my husband. We rarely get any time together alone that I enjoy those moments. x

  323. Keri Jones Reply

    My favourite sofa moment is just before bedtime when my son is feeling tired. We sit and cuddle each other while watching a cartoon or just talking. Can’t beat it 🙂 x

  324. Jenny Badger Reply

    My favourite #sofamoment is curling up on the sofa in the evening with the hubby after a long day

  325. heather hawley Reply

    Watching my favourite crime drama with a cup of tea and chocolates.

  326. Patricia Avery Reply

    My favourite #sofamoment is sitting sharing books and stories with the grandchildren. Brings a lump to my throat when they choose one of their Mum or Dad’s books from when they were little of which I have no need for text. I know them off by heart 🙂

  327. Paul Gundry Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is just bing lazy watching tv with my son

  328. kirsty cooper Reply

    my favourite #SofaMoment is having a duvet day on the sofa with choccies and a good film 🙂

  329. My favourite #SofaMoment is cuddling up with my two children watch a nice film without either of them arguing

  330. Sophie Marie Cartwright Reply

    My Favourite #SofaMoment is 6pm on a Friday evening. My 9 year old son shares his time between myself and his dad so religiously, when ive finished work on a Friday we choose a film and watch it – I can count on my one hand the little times we have not done this! Its so nice to have that unwind time – Im dreading the days when he has his own plans! Maybe il have to get a dog to watch the films with me! 😉

  331. Rhiannon Hendry Reply

    Cuddling with my daughter and feeling her little sister kick inside my belly! I treasure our time together just the two if us as it’ll all be changing soon!

    Makes me teary just thinking about it.

  332. Marie cozens Reply

    After the kids have the gone to bed, and I’m all alone with the tv….bliss

  333. Charmian Filewood Reply

    My fav #SofaMoment is sat with a blankie and some munchies watching my favourite film of all time, The Green Mile with my 6 fur babies scattered over me 🙂

  334. Tiffeny Brown Reply

    My favourite #sofamoment is snuggling up with my furbabies in front of the tv 🙂

  335. Catriona Hutchinson Reply

    My sofa has been in storage for the past year so my sofa moments are a distant memory. I always struggle to stay awake through a whole film so my favourite sofa moments would be rainy Sundays drifting off for a couple of hours to ‘rest my eyes’

  336. Annmarie Jefferies Reply

    My fave sofa moment is relaxing with a cup of tea in my hand and my dog and cat sat by me

  337. Michelle Ptak Reply

    My favourite ‘sofa moment’ is when hubby, the boys and myself sit and watch a family film x

  338. jessica cook Reply

    the hour before bedtime after tea when my 5 year old will come for snuggles with me x

  339. Niki Clifton Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is at the end of the day when i finally get to settle down with the kiddies,put my feet up with a nice brew & plenty of cuddles

  340. LauraBryant Reply

    When the kids are in bed and that half hour before I go to bed cuddled up on the sofa and with the husband to talk about our day

  341. Friday evening, relaxing after work. Just watching TV and enjoying a cup of tea and chocolate biscuit.

  342. Ann Williams Reply

    My favourite sofa moment comes at Christmas when the family all sit round together in front a blazing fire after a satisfying meal and enjoy playing old-fashioned board gaems and – talking to each other!

  343. Kristyn Harris Reply

    My favourite #SofaMoment is time spent with my husband and our two children taking and laughing. Memory making!

  344. Gillian Hale Reply

    Snuggling on the sofa with my two boys watching movies and eating pringles!

  345. kellyjo walters Reply

    #SofaMoment being with my 3 furbabies on the couch all cuddled together after a walk snoozing

  346. Julie Booth Reply

    When my son was 5 we used to watch Jonathan Creek together on the sofa always with a cup of tea and some Rich Tea biscuits. I recently saw some Jonathan Creek DVDs for sale on ebay so bought them and gave them to my son for Xmas (he is now 25) so recently we have repeated the same for Nostalgia’s sake. So many lovely memories trying to remember the endings from 25 years ago!

  347. Claire Appleton Reply

    Friday nights family night were we push the 2 sofas together & me , my partner, our two children & our dog make a big comfy bed with lots of pillows and watch a movie together with lots of goodies…Love it!

  348. Michelle Carlin Reply

    I love it when we all cuddle up on the sofa to watch a movie together. #SofaMoment

  349. mandy austin Reply

    my favourite #SofaMoment is every night i have too sleep on the sofa because oh ill health and my puppy joins me every night for cuddles ….bliss