You may remember that we’ve been working hard this past week to spot the opportunities to get the girls learning through fun activities.

It’s often hard as a busy parent to find the time to sit down and be academic with the children, so we were excited to think outside the box and see how we could fit this into the everyday routines for each of the girls.

If you’re anything like me you will also have many deliveries arriving this time of year, what with all the presents on order… Which means plenty of cardboard boxes and paper packaging (usually a pain, but we decided to make good use of it).  The girls absolutely loved playing with these! Making counters out of the boxes and using their play kitchen produce to play shops, where Liv was counting up the different items and showing MM how to colour sort and count too.

It’s so sweet to see them playing together and the underlying learning that is going on at the same time.  I was never overly aware of this with Liv, but clearly MM picks up so much being a younger sibling and is counting away now as she goes up the stairs.  I’m not sure 15 goes after 7, but she’s enjoying it all the same!

Learning through play

Another great entertainment was a huge piece of paper packaging, which they spent the entire meal prep time drawing our monsters together and I tasked Liv to jot down what their special scary features were!  There were some interesting ones, such as spider hands and blue cheese feet… They are rather obsessed with spiders at the moment (not that I’m a fan!)

All in all, they’ve had a great time learning through play and honing their skills together.  From a parents point of view it’s not any more challenging, in fact it meant I was able to make dinner this week, without MM attached to my leg! A winner all round.

I can really see this being something that we add to our daily lives, as it doesn’t take up any additional time.  To find out more about the Read, Write, Count programme check out #readwritecount or visit

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