How can we be in the final throws of 2016 already?! I read somewhere that time feels quicker the older you get, because you have a larger frame of reference.  Very true…do you remember when school holidays felt like forever as a kid…now years pass by in a blink of an eye!

Life With…The Family

Life with us

This month saw MM turn 1…I can barely believe it’s been a whole year since she was brought into the world.  In my head she’s still 6 month old, but there’s no denying that with every tooth and every milestone that our little dink is growing up.

Life with us

We also experienced our first ever school holiday, which is 2 weeks in Scotland.  That was a shock to the system!  I’d just got into my flow with nursery, drop offs and pick ups and then…wham! We spent a long weekend down where I grew up, Larbert. I wanted to make the most of autumn, we went conker hunting and made a caterpillar. Sadly our pumpkin patch visit was rained off, but we headed to the butterfly farm instead.

Life with us

Life with us

Both hubs and I moved away from the towns we grew up in, so we don’t have family or long standing friends where we live to call upon, so it was nice to spend time with with the Mr, ‘sans kids’ whilst we were there.

Munch has declared that she wants her hair cut!  She’s only ever had it trimmed a couple of times, which means it’s down to her bum when it’s straight.  She’s always loved having long hair (and it is great for playing with!) but she wants to have her hair cut like one of her school friends.  So it’ll be sad to see the last little baby blonde curls go but I guess it’s another marker that my biggest girl is growing up and making her own choices.

Life With…The House

What with the school break and hubs being away, the house has taken a serious back seat.  There is always that final push before Christmas to get things organised and finished off.  Does anyone else feel a surge of panic towards New Year to have everything clean?  It usually sees me rushing around on New Years Eve making sure there is no trash in the house, or old calendars.  I’m going to beat it this year by being organised!

Shed makeover reveal

I revealed our garden shed makeover this month and I’m thinking it would make a great studio space for taking photos and filming, but that’s a long way off and I might have to fight for it as hubs wants it for a man cave.


We’ve been finishing off the back hall (post on Roost) and adding art in the family room too (stay tuned for that one!)

Next year I really want to see the interior finished, organised and flowing to suit our hectic lives…watch this space!

That’s it for this month…I guess next month will be gearing up for Christmas!


The Me and Mine Project



  1. Happy first birthday to your little lady, time just flies doesn’t it? We were so pleased for half term, it’s been lovely having my eldest at home. Good luck with the hair cut 🙂 #meandmineproject

  2. I love the girls matching coats – they are beautiful! Hope MM had a lovely birthday. Sorry her gift was so late 🙁 Doesn’t this year seem to have flown by!? Can’t believe it’ll be Christmas soon x

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