Is that really the first quarter of 2017 put to bed?! I’m not complaining because it has meant that we have had a sneaky reminder of what summer weather is and I can’t wait for more of that warmth on my skin.

It’s time to cast a look back at this ever fleeting months and jot down what we’ve been up to in March.

Life With… The Family

Well today is the last day of term for us and we have 2 weeks holidays stretched out ahead.  We plan to head North and South to visit family at the weekends, but aside from that it’s business as usual in our house.

I’m looking forward to her getting away from school for a few weeks.  Primary 1 has ramped up since the festive break and the homework has increased with it.  I’m sure all families struggle to fit it in the rota of dinner, bath & bed, not to mention extra curricular activities and dare I mention spending some quality time together.  It’s especially difficult when hubs is away and then I have to keep her up after MM goes to bed, just so we have a quiet moment to work on it.  I guess it’s a constant adjustment that we will need to get used to… I just wish that there was more notice so we can work it around everyone’s schedules and maximise family time.

Family lifestyle blog

Family lifestyle blog

MM is coming on leaps and bounds.  I keep trying to look back at photos of Liv at a similar ages, because everything seems to happen quicker second time around.  I’m not sure if it’s because we are all so busy, or just because we have been there before, but all these milestones and special moments are flying past my eyes quicker than I can acknowledge them.  I think her size has my brain held firmly in baby mode, which doesn’t help either.  She’s become quite the little clinger too.  Liv was always such a Daddy’s girl, but MM has a serious addiction to me (not going to lie… I love it!), so she sits permanently on my hip wherever I go… playing havoc with my back issues.

Family lifestyle blog

Hubs has been away twice this month already.  It’s such an upheaval. Clearly I have to just get on with it, but it’s pure survival mode when he is away and I have to run a very tight ship.  I put on those blinkers and just plough through… school threw me a curve ball this week by requesting a hard boiled egg with 1 nights notice.  Cue my tightly run evening regime spilling over left right and centre to avoid any tears (ahem back to the notice point above!)

Family lifestyle blog

Family lifestyle blog

Life With… The House

The lighter nights, warmer weather and a few work things have really spurred on the house renovations.  Spaces are being finished, doors are being varnished and clutter continues to find a home.  Nothing makes me happier than a completely unrealistic magazine styled show home to come back to each day.  I know it is completely illogical with a hectic family life and compromises have been made on all sides, but we are finally getting there.

vintage wooden coat stand

I’ve done a couple of posts this month on my office room reveal, dressing table organisation and a recent hallway storage project… so you can see what I mean when I say we have been spurred on.

industrial home office tour

This month we will be cracking on in the family room/kitchen and the Utility to try and formally finish these off (watch this space) and I hope to also reveal some of the upstairs rooms which are 98% there (but I’m sure you can use your imagination!)

That’s it for us this month. What have you been getting up to?

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  1. It’s so hard to find that space for the older one to do the homework isn’t it. I’m finding that too and totally missed this weeks spellings! Lovely photos, and yeah to some sun. #meandmine

  2. Oh the last minute hard boiled egg made me laugh – this week as we were heading out he door to school and already running a bit late two little voices said “mummy we need two blown eggs each for school today” – if ever speed blowing eggs becomes a competitive sport I think I’ll have found my calling! Fingers crossed the end of term goes off without a hitch and you have a wonderful start to the holidays !
    Carie @ Space for the Butterflies recently posted…Me and Mine 2017: MarchMy Profile

  3. These are such beautiful pictures! And yes I think the same – it does seem to feel like it goes quicker second time around. I do the same with looking back at pictures of Ethan at a similar age to Logan. 🙂 xx

  4. Really lovely photos. It’s always the way that when you think you’re on top of things, then you are thrown a curve ball. Even something like a boiled egg!! Hope you have a great April. #meandmineproject

  5. I love everything you do to the house it’s so trendy. It makes me want to redecorate my entire house! lol Loving the family snaps we struggled this year to get a decent one but they still hold dear memories I suppose too. Lovely roundup this month for your family. #meandmineproject

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