Wow, how can 2016 be over already?! This year has honestly felt like a river rapids. Trying to keep the right way up and grab a hold of what we need and avoid the its that we don’t.  It’s been one heck of a ride, but we made it! I’m sure the start of 2017 means it’s a whole new journey and I’m excited to see what that will bring!

Enough of that…time to round up our finally month of 2016…

Life With…The Family

Well, December was really one of those months that no matter how organised you thought you were…POW…it wasn’t enough! The presents were all bought and the tree was up since the first week of November, but that didn’t stop us wrapping on the 23rd!

It was a fairly intense month of school plays, parties and trips to juggle.  I need to plan time off more often, as that’s when work comes out the bag too…eek!  But we all made it through and enjoyed a rather chilled Christmas Day as a result.  Then there’s my birthday on the 29th..I’m starting to get to the age where I want to put them in reverse.

Our holiday doesn’t finish up in Scotland until the 4th and the schools aren’t back until the 5th, so we’ve had rather a lot of time together (but still haven’t made it through all the toys yet!).  So apologies for being somewhat quiet on the blog and on social media.  I really needed the break and to spend quality time with my little famalam.

Life With..The House

The children are getting to an age now where I can start to regain a little bit of order around the house.  I’m excited to have a good old clear out (typical for January!) and get a ‘plan of action’ of all those niggly jobs that never seem to get done…which in turn make rooms feel unfinished.

We spent some time on Christmas Eve clearing out my office…which was declared a storage room for the kitchen refit almost the second it was finished last year.  I’m actually sat in it now as I type and I’m excited to finally see things coming together.  Like most rooms though…it’s not quite ‘reveal ready’!

If anyone is a regular reader, #bloggershomes will continue this year (with a couple of little surprises up its sleeve) and will go live on the 4th January, a little later than usual, due to the holiday season…so lookout for that!

The Me and Mine Project



  1. Beautiful photograph of you all – such a lovely wee family! I hope you had a lovely birthday and Christmas. Fingers crossed 2017 is a wonderful year for you all xx

  2. Oh lovely sounds like you had a magical Christmas holiday. Those are so special. Lovely festive capture. I look forward to seeing your family adventures again this year. It’s such a lovely project to be involved in. Happy New Year! #meandmineproject

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