There is something about having children that thrusts life into 6th gear.  There you were happily coasting along, looking ahead…growing, getting married, changing career and having children. With barely a glance back.

It wasn’t until we visited the town I grew up in recently, Larbert, when I realised just how different everything is.  Sure, family is older, school friends look all grown up and have families of their own.  But, I was really quite shocked at the transformation of the local landscape…landmarks of my childhood all but gone.

Granted, it’s all for the better.  The High School I went to is now no longer split in 2.  Many a trip between lessons that involved, what I’m guessing was, a half mile trek (sometimes in the rain and snow!)….and who knew you could do this to a 100 year old building.

Larbert High School

The library I used to sit outside and have my lunch, has been demolished in favour of a giant supermarket and relocated into a new sleek state of the art building.

Larbert library mid 1980 and new modern library

Even the ‘Swing Bridge’ that I’d spend hours at with school friends during the school holidays, jumping up and down, swinging it as best we could…is now nothing but a stump.  Heck, even my old conker tree haunt is no longer there!

Swing bridge in Larbert

All stories that make me sound like I’m in my 80’s, but I’m only 33…I’ve only been away from the area for some 15 years.  But that’s just it…time flies.  Things all around you are changing, but you don’t acknowledge it.  Maybe it’s for comfort sake.  That I prefer to remember Larbert for how it was when I left.

The Plough Hotel Larbert

The McCowans toffee factory, the shops ‘up the street’ in Stenhousemuir and meeting at ‘the sheepies’ to make that journey over to the annex building at school.  The fact that the school canteen, which was called ‘the joint’, is no longer even standing.  The more sad fact that not everyone you shared these times with, is even here to share in the looking back.

Life might go on, but the landscape is ever changing.

You can take a look back at various areas around the UK with Sunlife and see how much your landscape has changed over the years.

Photo credits: Thank you to Larbert Views facebook page for your help.

Disclosure: Post in association with Sunlife.  But all trips down memory lane are 100% genuine.




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