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I was lucky enough to be nominated for a Liebster Award by the very lovely @GenuinePlacebo, from her blog Redhead Babyled.  The Liebster Award basically gives new bloggers a chance to stand up and spread the word about their blog to the vast community. So, thank you for the opportunity Donna!

I’ve been given 11 questions to answer and in turn I have to select 11 new bloggers (under 200 followers) to answer 11 questions from me.

Questions I was asked:-

1 – Why did you start blogging?  I have been blogging privately (or rather documenting) about Munch since she was born. But I thought it was about time I step out of the shadows and share my blogging with all you lovely people.

2 – What do you enjoy most about blogging?  The fact that it can connect you with people from all over the world who have a common interest and share with them.

3 – Where do you get your inspiration for blogging from?  Usually the everyday occurances. Chances are if I found it interesting, funny, nice or awful, there will be someone out there who feels the same (or not, but that’s cool too).

4 – Who or what else has inspired you in life?  Oooo, tricky! From a young age I knew where I wanted to be and what I wanted to achieve. Without delving into anything, life experience inspired me.

5 – Where do you see yourself in 10 years time? Do you think you’ll still be blogging?  Wow, Munch will be 12…high school age! Well I’d like to still be blogging.

6 – What’s your favourite biscuit?  Nice biscuit.  Could eat a packet!

7 – What’s your favourite family day out?  Love going to the local National Trust castle for a walk in the secret walled garden.  Then spot of lunch somewhere and home for nap.  Usually a trip round the shops in the afternoon.  Keeping it simple!

8 – What tradition would you like to pass down to your children?  To jump in the pool fully clothed on the last night of a holiday.  I saw it on the Kardashians and I thought it looked pretty funny.

9 – If you could change one thing about your life what would it be?  I just wished both me and the hubby moved into the industry that we are in now a bit sooner. If we had, who knows where we would be now, or what Country.  But we didn’t and I’m just happy that we just made the move and we are enjoying the benefits it brings.  Better late than never!

10 – What would be the first thing you’d do if you won the lottery?  I’m a car fanatic, so it would have to be to a Porsche…plain and simple!

11 – What’s one thing you think your readers should know about you?  I’m a teeny bit obsessive. Ok, quite a bit.  Well, lots…like OCD on speed!

So, if I haven’t lost you already, it’s time for me to select some new bloggers.  Being fairly new to this makes 11 tough to come up with, so I’m sticking with 5, same as my predecessor.  The bloggers I am selecting are:-

Eeep I’m A Blogger

A Day In This Dad’s Life

Lou Lou & The Boy In Blue

Outnumbered Mummy

Sale Away With Me

To answer the following questions:-

1 – What is your blog about?

2 – Where do you like to do your blogging?

3 – What is your favourite City you have visited and why?

4 – What would be your ultimate blogging achievement?

5 – What are you passionate about in life?

6 – Coffee or tea?

7 – Favourite meal?

8 – Desert island disc?

9 – If you could be a celebrity, who would you be?

10 – Favourite product of all time?

11 – What’s your biggest fear?

Good luck!




  1. I know I already said thanks but I thought I should do it here too! So… THANKS! I can’t wait to answer your questions 🙂 Also, I love this font haha.

    • lifewithmunchers Reply

      You are welcome! Thanks and can’t wait to read the answers 🙂

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