Bathrooms are getting quirkier – and why not? We spend so much time pouring our personalities into every other room, but bathrooms are often relegated to the realm of “is it wipe down?” Taking the chance on something non-traditional in your bathroom could be the very thing you didn’t know you were missing. A unique detail can bring personality, fun and luxury, just make sure you think outside the box.

Gul Group have created a gorgeous little inspiration guide to add luxury touches to your bathroom (you can check it out at the bottom of this post), so I’ve added a few more of my own with a unique twist – storage!

I am a storage fiend (if you hadn’t noticed already…how?!), so of course I’ve focussed on small, but super useful, storage bits and bobs that will keep the room tidy and beautiful at the same time.

Magnet Bar

Obviously used in kitchens, it’s time to repurpose this handy magnetised strip for your bathroom manicure bits. You can find these cheaply almost anywhere, and they’ll ensure you never lose your tweezers or nail scissors again. Make sure you fit it out of reach of small hands though!

Wine Rack

No, I’m not suggesting keeping your wine that close to hand. Roll up your hand towels and store them beautifully in plain sight. My favourite choices are the freestanding rack and the wall fixed varieties – pick the best for your ideal look.

Cake Tier

If your bathroom is also your makeup station, you can introduce a touch of fanciness to your routine by using a cake stand as storage. There are so many designs now that you can find a match for any style of bathroom, from Victorian right up to sleek, modern lines.


An old wooden ladder is fantastic for towel storage, and is a subtle addition to even a small bathroom that will make a statement. It’s perfect for those of you who love to upcycle and can be adapted to any style from rustic to regal.

Bathroom ideas

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