There is one member of the family that doesn’t make an appearance on the blog much (maybe twice), which is crazy given cats and the internet go together like, well…peas and carrots (I do love a Tom Hanks quote).

Ever since the babies of the fur free variety came along, our beloved Millie….aka Millpuss…has hit her teenage years.  In true teenage form, we hardly see her now! She treats this place like a hotel, meowing to get in at all hours of the night, when she has gotten bored playing with the neighbouring sheep, coughing up the odd fur ball and bringing all sorts home (usually former mice)….she’s all grown up now!

I always think it would be really interesting to send her off with a go pro and see what she gets up.  After all, there are ducks in the pond next door, deer, sheep and the odd fox to contend with.  That’s nothing for our Mill…she has had extensive underwater training and even had a run in with sharks (of the chalk variety ofcourse!) to prepare her for the wilderness of Scotland.

chalk drawing on trampoline

She’s come a long way from those early years.  Quite the book worm, spending hours reading up on recipe ideas (I assume looking for tips on how to best prepare the mouse and perhaps the odd scrap that’s fallen from the highchair of fur free baby number 2).  But not one to miss out on keeping up with the latest bag trends, because what cat doesn’t like a bag?!


All being said, she has earned her stripes through the years and can now prowl about with her senior status and head held high.  Well done Millpuss…you’ve graduated country cat life, with honours.


Do you have pictures of your cat earning their stripes?  Join in with the Whiskas Cat food cat yearbook challenge and share yours over on twitter, make sure you tag me @lifewithmuncher and also @whiskas_uk….remember and say cheese!


Disclosure: This post is a collaboration with WHISKAS®, but all thoughts are my own. Check out their website for more information on their cat food and their YouTube channel for fantastic Kitten Kollege videos.


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