Deluxe ReadyBed

House renovations…a living nightmare!  Made worse by only one thing…GUESTS!

Friends and family have a sixth sense and always want to descend when you are down to one bathroom and any spare rooms are either being used as make shift tradesmen dens or are half decorated.

Worlds Apart came to my rescue however, with their Deluxe ReadyBed available exclusively at Bensons for Beds.  To be honest, I hadn’t even considered an inflatable bed.  But with the spare mattress tucked away behind everything we own in the garage, it was the perfect solution.

The Deluxe ReadyBed range comes in 3 sizes.  Junior, Single and Double size,with prices starting at just £59.99.  The bed when deflated is very compact.  It even fits inside its own little carry bag, where the Junior rolls up into itself when not in use.  Everything you need to set up the ReadyBed is in the compact little bag, so you will never lose any bits and pieces.

Deluxe ReadyBed

Unlike inflatable beds we’ve had in the past, the Deluxe ReadyBed comes with a battery operated pump, so there was no need to manually pump up the bed (we all know how awful those foot pumps are).

The valve is neatly tucked away under the sheet, but is only hidden with a little Velcro fabric patch, so it as easy to find and attach the pump.  In under a minute the neat and tidy roll unfolded in all its glory.  Munch found it a rather magical experience!

Deluxe ReadyBed

She was the first to discover a jazzy patterned sheet under the zip on duvet.  Little sleep related illustrations such as dream catchers, moons and a sleeping owl (her favourite) were hidden under the cosy top cover.

All we had to add to the bed were a couple of pillows and we were ready for our guests.  It really couldn’t have been any easier.

Deluxe ReadyBed

The morning after, our guests were pleasantly surprised with their night on the ReadyBed.  They have had previous inflatable bed experiences and were amazed that there was no noticeable deflation during the night.  We had thumbs up for comfort, saying that the zip on duvet was perfect and they actually preferred it zipped down.

Although they were well warned we were renovating before they arrived, the last thing you want is to hear that your guests have had a bad stay, so It was a weight off my mind.

The clean up was great for us too.  The sheet and duvet were easily removed for washing.  The inflatable mattress itself was deflated as quickly as it went up.

Deluxe ReadyBed

I had visions of trying to squeeze everything back into the bag, but I needn’t have worried.  The Deluxe ReadyBed folded up pretty neatly and easily rolled up back into its bag. The carry bag is very sturdy.

We have since used both the Junior and Double ReadyBed ourselves due to the renovations.  I think Munch loved it the most.  Even dragging through her entourage to test it out (ofcourse!).

Having the Junior size for Munch is such a relief for visiting or travelling, as each time she will have the consistency of her own bed.  We’re already thinking of taking both ReadyBeds on our first family camping trip next year.

It’s also great to know that we will always have the addition of the ReadyBed at our house for guests.  I think both ReadyBeds will be well used in our household for years to come.

Disclosure: We were sent the Deluxe ReadyBeds for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are 100% ours (and our guests!)


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