I grew up in a suburb that was surrounded by fields and I spent many a summer climbing trees and exploring the wilderness that was just beyond the boundry hedge.  Cue the old addage of ‘it was different in my day’… but it really was!  There was never a night when I didn’t visit a school friend, to either go out on our bikes, play, explore and even play computer games on those colder days (James Pond anyone?!)

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When we first moved to the country, my first and largest concern was for the children growing up… Being a car journey away from friends. Not able to just ‘pop round’ after school.  It was certainly a compromise for me and one that hasn’t really affected us yet.  Hubs constantly reassures me as a country lad, that i’m worrying over nothing.  I hope he is right!  Especially with the after school clubs, that replace the post school play that I so fondly remember.

Lighthouse Clothing

It’s certainly something that melts away the more time we get to spend outdoors, having big family adventures and making the most of the space that we made the compromise for.  The girls will get to grow up outdoors, with tractors, trees and the wilderness at their doorstep.  They will live in welly boots and wander the fields, just like we both did as kids.

Lighthouse Clothing

Here’s hoping that growing up in the country is something that is long treasured and that the memories are as abundant as the daffodils that greet us each spring.

Lighthouse Clothing

Lighthouse Clothing

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Girls – Daisy Cotton Top £14.95

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  1. Aww I completely know what you mean honey, life back then was so different. I’m sure if I would even want G to be out like I was. Although I do have such fond memories of running across the field for hours. I love that raincoat on you honey and thanks so much for joining in with #MyFamilyAdventures x

  2. My mum has always been crazy cautious so I was never allowed out on my own. I can see why she was protective as I am the same with my girls now – although I would love to let them be a little more free! Gorgeous photos! #MyFamilyAdventures

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