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Grandparents babysitting, is it a help or a hindrance?

As a new family, getting time together as a couple can be difficult.  Made even harder by the fact we are a few hours from any sort of family. We have relied on nursery staff to do a bit of babysitting on an evening, which is fantastic to have on hand.  But the inevitable work trip clash (especially when you work in the same industry) will crop up and it’s then when you have to make the call to…….the grandparents.

I have read many a blog post about grandparents causing annoyance in the early days with unwanted advice, yet none mentioned the unwritten rule that now their parenting turn is done, grandparents babysitting is all about fun!

However short your trip away is, you can guarantee you will return to find your little cherub replaced by the spawn of something less pleasant.  Clearly all those things you weren’t allowed to do/say as a child were left at the front door on the way in.  Your trip, whether business or pleasure, has been somewhat of a routine sabotage mission.

Upon your return, you will be thankful that your child’s head isn’t turning 360, or that there is crayon on any of the surfaces (sigh of relief), but you can be sure that it will take you the best part of a week to get your little cherub back.

Whether is was the length of bathtimes, eating habits, toilet habits or phrases, little horrors await you at your every turn.  The first bathtime is like a scene from a horror movie.  That lovely bedtime story has now been role reversed.  I’m in no doubt both parties had a fabulous time, but grandparent babysitting can leave an aftermath that you’ll be cleaning up for days to come.

What was meant to be a parenting help, turned into a parenting nightmare.

I can’t wait to get my Munchie back.

What rules do your parents/in laws break that drive you wild?









  1. I think you should feel very lucky to have healthy parents near enough to be able to babysit. As long as you pick up a happy child you should just forget about anything else you find irritating, and count your blessings.

  2. oh dear, that is not good. Have you tied speaking to them? I have to agree us grandparents do provide a fun element that a parents schedule does not allow for.
    No I have to say if the rule applies at home the rule applies here at grandma’s house as well. I have always tried to respect the parents wishes/beliefs/rules ans sometimes feel there are things that my children never did/got away with that they let their children do, so when I have the grandkids I try to bite my tongue over a few things as its not fair for the kids to get confused.

  3. I am always wishing that my mother (who awfully awfully love kids) can babysit my son. It is a dream of mine. My mother wants to at least hug my son but they live far. 22 hour flight away =(

    But yes, if ever she can babysit my son I know that she will spoil my toddler to death =)

    I wish it could happen.

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  4. I have to agree with this post – Having grandparents around to babysit is a great things and something that I’m sure all parents appreciate – Whether it’s a couple of hours break, overnight or a weekend. The trouble is, I know from experience there is an attitude of ‘Time with Nanny!’ and everything needs to be fun and different from time at home. The times that LP has stayed at her grandparents for the day, she has eaten everything whether we allow it or not, snacked constantly, had a late bedtime and ended up cosleeping the one time she stayed there, got to watch constant TV etc etc etc – Why? Because she’s at Nanny’s house! There seems to be a feeling that behaving the usual way and having the same rules will make it less exciting for children when spending time with their grandparents.
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    • Yeah, they can hand them back this time round. No consequences. It’s been a whole week now and I’m starting to see my little girl again. I was shocked at how drastic the change. It was like a different child x

  5. haha love this post! So funny and so true. My parents thankfully aren’t too bad, and after a few less than fun babysitting evenings where they ignored the rules and monkey was miserable, they are now pretty happy to follow our routines. Hubby’s parents are a bit more difficult though and have said they won’t tell him off for something or enforce any of our rules, even if we ask them to! Monkey is still very little though so we will see what happens as he gets older! #mmwbh
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  6. Ha, yes I can relate to this a little bit! My boy’s grandparents all dote on him, and it’s lovely to witness, but yes rules do go out the window… He’s only little though, it doesn’t take long to get back to normal. We are going on holiday with my family at the end of the month, so I’m looking forward to them doing lots with him and me getting the chance to put my feet up a bit! 🙂

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  7. My boys only have one living grandparent and she is both in poor health and in another country. I don’t wish to sound so negative but I would so love them to be able to spend time with her, no matter how much she spoilt them.
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  8. I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve been out since Boo was born 3 years ago. We only have grandparents as a baby-sitting option and every rule and routine flies out of the window.
    Our last night out to celebrate Hubster’s 40th has resulted in not one night of sleeping through ever since. It has really brought me to the conclusion that for me, it is not worth going out 🙁 the joys!
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  9. I let them do whatever they like as i am so glad of the babysitting – to be fair though they don’t spoil them rotten, they never want to come back though! Nana is much nicer than i am 🙂
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  10. I don’t have any parents around that babysit, but I know it’s the Grandparents right so to speak to add a little spice into the mix. Be different, exciting, more fun in a lot of cases and an adventure for the children, or at least that how it was for me growing up, lol. #madmidweekbloghop

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