Starting School Tips

It doesn’t take long to get used to having your child by your side. From birth to first steps, before you know it you’ll be getting them ready for the first day of school.

But starting school isn’t just a big deal for your little one, its a big deal for you as a parent too. To help you prepare, here are some ways to make it that bit easier on you both.

Get used to spending time apart with nursery half days

The first day of school is both scary and exciting. To help ease you both into this new stage in your lives you might want to think about nursery half days.

Rather than going from having every day at home to full time at school, give you child the space to learn to cope with a classroom environment. Half days, either mornings or afternoons, whichever works best for you both, can help your child to find their independence.

Play “schools” to teach your child how it all works

In the lead up to starting school, you can also play “schools” to teach your child about how the school works. The imaginative role play will give you the opportunity to explain who the teacher is, what he or she will do there and how to ask to go to the bathroom.

Practice registration calls with your child’s favourite toys, for example, so that they can feel comfortable with these school concepts before they’ve started.

These techniques, along with reading to them about school and talking to them about what it will be like, will really help them not to be scared and help you to feel you’ve prepared them as best as you can. Though we can’t promise you won’t shed a tear at the gates.

Make a school enrollment checklist

Apart from the emotional side to your son or daughter starting school, there is a practical side like registering them with a school and getting their uniform. Make sure that you don’t forget anything by making a school enrollment checklist. This should include:

● Your child’s birth certificate – to register your child at the school

If you haven’t got a copy of your child’s birth certificate you can order a quick and easy replacement via services like Simply Certificate, which can process your order in only a couple of day if you need it in a pinch. If you have more time then you can also order copies through the government sites

● A proof of residence in the school’s catchment area

You’ll no doubt have become well-versed in the various catchment areas of the different primary schools in your area in order to find the best one for your child. The school will likely need some proof of address to ensure you reside in their catchment area. This can take the form of a council tax bill or bank letter with a parent’s name on.

● School Uniform

Depending on the school, you may be able to pick up uniform items from the school or local store. This is one to be excited about, just imagine how sweet they’re going to look in their first uniform!

If you are concerned about the cost of buying uniforms, bear in mind that the Councils in England and Wales can help by providing financial support towards your child’s uniform.

If you follow each step in this short guide then you and your child should both be prepared to meet their first day with open arms. It’ll be a very big day for both of you but once that first week is over and you’ve both settled into it it will all feel normal again.

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