If you read regularly, you’ll know all about the dilemma we have had over this room and the reason why it’s not finished, some 6 months later.  I can’t apologise enough for the lack of a room reveal, but until that final ornament is in place, I can’t.  So in the same way that I snuck you a little breakfast bar reveal last month, here’s another few corners of the room which are finally coming together.

First up is the kitchen section of the room, where we have a very deep silled window behind the sink.  Previously this was tiled (with those multi coloured 4cm squared tiles…shudder!).  We decided that we would cover this area in the same material as the worktop upstand, rather than install a traditional window ledge.  This is purely because it site behind the sink, so can get a bit wet.  Due to the depth of this window sill, we are quite spoiled when it comes to decorating it (the fun bit!)

Laura Ashley Homeware

We have already installed some white wooden venetian blinds on all the windows in the family room from Clover & Thorne (more on that in another post) and they really are the perfect backdrop for our deep wooden windows, which are not my favourite colour.  I decided I wanted something industrial feeling that would add height and storage to the area and found this perfect galvinised steel 2-tier caddy from Laura Ashley…perfect for all those mini succulents I’m obsessed with (I think I’ve cleared out our local Tesco…whoops!).

Laura Ashley Homeware

It’s so nice to finally have another nook of the room complete!  I do actually stand there with my hands cupped around my eyes, so I can’t see all the bits that aren’t finished.

Laura Ashley Homeware

You may have read about our hunt for the perfect sofa, especially given our budget.  Well we found one that fits the bill and here it is, taking pride and place in the living half of the room.  We have finished it off with the most lush mustard velvet cushions from Laura Ashley, which will fit in perfectly with the rest of the room (when we finish it!)

Laura Ashley Homeware

It’s constantly spurring me on to finish the room.  What was I thinking doing this with a 3 month old baby in the house?!  We will get there.  For now, I’ll just have to take salvage in the 3 little areas that are complete so far.

Hopefully the next reveal will be the whole room!

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  1. Looking lovely! That zinc caddy is <3! Looks great with all the succulents. Wish I could keep plants, but even my succulents die on me because I just forget about them! (Worst plant mama ever – luckily I manage to remember to feed and water the pets daily at least! :D) x

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