The good old British Bank Holiday. A national treasure, as we get 4 of them a year. More if you’re lucky!

What do you do with your little day of delight? Are your kids off too? Does it involve a family trip somewhere? Or like me do you use these days to blitz as many of the big cleaning or DIY tasks around the house?

Bank Holidays usually coincide with the sales at the DIY stores. Thus badgering you into facing those tasks you’d been putting off. We all have a room that needs painted, or a shelf to go up. Maybe you have some dreaded decluttering.

For me, today will see the ensuite ceiling getting the kiss of life. Three years of shower steam (and my refusal to open the window) has led to our ceiling looking rather peely! Nothing that a quick sand and repaint won’t fix.

Then there is the light in the master bedroom that has never made it up in the 3 years we’ve been here. Will today be the day?!

Well, I really best be getting on. The lounge won’t declutter itself!


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