If you are mad about home interiors like me, then you’ll love this weeks Christmas gift list ideas!  I for one love receiving gifts for the home.  Every little nik nak, is one step closer to completion and they help turn any house into a home.

1. White Ceramic Cotton Wool Holder – Rockett St George £ 9.99

This cute little chap will bring a smile to any Monday morning face.  This is a great one for the bathroom or dressing table.

2. Geometric Print Cushion – Made.com £15

I’m a soft touch for geometric prints and this cushion would go in a few rooms in the house.

3. Plum & Ashby Pomegranate Scented candle – Rockett St George £ 24

I love this scent!  Candles are by far my favourite thing and I go through them so quickly.  I’d love to add this to my collection!

4.  Gold Leaf Shape Dish – Rose & Grey £9.50

This would go perfectly in our bathroom or dressing table for putting my rings in at the end of the day. A must have stocking filler!

5. White Bowl – H&M £7.99

I love this bowl because of the gold inside.  Love a contrasting surprise addition to an accessory.  This would go great in the kitchen when we do it up next year.

6. Cable & Cotton Lights – Cable & Cotton £22.95

We already have a set of these in Munch’s room, but I love them so much I want more! I think another few sets should get my fix.

Remember…Your home is for life, not just for Christmas!


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