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Kids beanbag

As a blogger, I am fortunate to review & giveaway certain products and when I saw the Mini-b Beanbag from Room To Grow, I was excited.  We had been looking for a child seat that was stylish and wouldn’t look out of place in our home, so this was ideal and perfect timing!  I also spied some lovely big girl beds whilst browsing their site, which I’ve bookmarked for later in the year, but if you want a sneak peek, you can visit their kids bed range.

The Mini-b Beanbag comes in 11 colours.  We selected the red one (as you can see), but I was really tempted by the lovely lime green.  It was decided that red would go in both the family room and her bedroom though, so practicality won there.

Currently on sale for £53.99, I was impressed with the large size of the Mini-b Beanbag, especially given that is it the smallest in the range (74cmx74cmx71cm).  Also, once out of its shipping packing, it has its own little protective zip around bag.  Great for safe and clean storage!

Kids Beanbag

Munch just fell in love with it instantly!  When she comes home from nursery, she makes straight for the Mini-b (let me introduce Mr Teddy Cuddles to you!) and eats her snack.  The Mini-b is made from PU and is therefore water resistant and any little sticky hands prints can be easily wiped clean.

Something worth mentioning is that it come pre-filled with polystyrene balls.  I have seen others that you need to fill yourself, which I’d imagine you’d be vacuuming up for weeks!

We have already found it to be very durable.  In it’s short life, it’s been put through a road test of Top Gear proportions! As well as the every day sitting and lounging, it’s been dragged around our open plan family room/kitchen, jumped on, thrown and even had to endure our cats bottom.  Don’t worry though, it has lived to tell the tale!

When the better weather comes, I really want to get this out in the garden, as our garden furniture is too large for Munch to sit on.  So you can expect to see the Mini-b Beanbag popping up on future posts.

I’m thrilled about our stylish addition to our home and I really owe a lot to our Mini-b, as I have finally have reclaimed my side of the sofa back!

You can win your very own Mini-b Beanbag from Room To Grow, in a colour of your choice.  All you need to do is enter via the rafflecopter below to be in with a chance to win.

Good luck!

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