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splurge vs save broadway lights

Time for another ‘Splurge Vs Save’.  Showing you how to have a stylish home for less.  This week…Broadway lights.

If you saw my Office Mood Board post, you’ll already know that I had my eye on a gorgeous statement light piece in the way of these fabulous broadway style letter lights.  Perfect to brighten up those dark corners in any room and really make a statement.  Not only is it a fabulous light, but it’s a fantastic work of art too.

Having expanded my search since then, I’ve discovered most retailers will sell an array of characters.  From the regular numbers and letters, to shapes and beyond.

Broadway Lights Splurge

I originally fell in love with the ‘Vegas light’ at Rose & Grey at £315, which I’ve since discovered at my beloved Rockett St George for £330.  These letters are a stunning 60cm tall.  A real statement piece.  I love not only their size, but the clean polished look.  But at £330 a letter, I just couldn’t justify it.

Broadway Lights Save

Thankfully my digging discovered a fabulous company TLNFunctionalArt on Etsy, who not only offer you the alphabet to choose from, but anything you can think of, from shapes to a mustache! Better yet, you can select from a choice of finishes (polished, aged, brushed…)  For a similar sized letter to the above Vegas lights, you are looking at £102, Saving £228!

broadway letter lights

If size doesn’t bother you (ahem), you might want to consider their smaller pieces and grab yourself a great statement light piece from around £43 (for the heart).

 Happy Saving!

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