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Here we are…finally!  The first in a series of home make-over posts for our forever home.  First up it’s the en-suite (although don’t expect many differences from the main bathroom or downstairs toilet reveals!)

We moved in way back in June 2014 (you can catch the original home tour here). We bought for location, setting and potential.  There wasn’t a single room that would be spared from our renovations (or much of the outside for that matter).

As you can see from the ‘before’ picture above, the en-suite was very wood inspired.  With solid oak cabinets, laminate floor and mahogany stained skirting and door.  The fittings themselves were in good order, but not to our taste.  The original builder stays just down the road and bought back everything we took out and has even got a bid in for the kitchen.

The layout of the room was a bit silly.  I could think of various layouts that wouldn’t have made the shower enclosure look so awkward and squeezed in.  Ofcourse this position made is difficult to access the cabinets at that end of the room.

Modern Bathroom

We decided a bath would make best use of the space and even though we don’t plan to move, I’m always thinking about adding value.  We tiled the bath panel in the same tiles as the wall, to add a bit more colour to the room.

All the bathroom furniture, including earthstone counter and gloss cabinets are from B&Q.  We found that their Cook & Lewis range was good quality and affordable.  I would always recommend that you find a fitter yourself.  That is where they become expensive.  They wanted £9,000 for labour alone for all 3 rooms.  We found a fitter for £5,000. Little touches such as soft close hinges, a shower screen that opens fully against the wall and even the soft close toilet seat all help to just finish the room off.

Modern Bathroom with wood effect tiles

We sourced tiles from Topps Tiles and finished them off with a light grey grout.  I think this looks great against the colours and is easier to maintain than white grout.

We kept the original towel rail and shower, as they were good quality and it would have been expensive to replace with a similar pressure shower.

Modern Bathroom with wood effect tiles

The taps are also from B&Q and I love the square edge to them, as they go well with the sink.

Modern Bathroom with wood effect tiles

Decoration wise I’m still not 100% finished.  It’s currently looking a bit twee to me.  So I want to get more industrial looking soap dispensers and nik naks and even change the colour of the paint on the wall (never happy!)  I’d say we are 95% there, but we have moved onto the kitchen now, so it will have to wait.  Until then, I am happy that we have lost the wood.

Wood effect tiles

So what do you think?  It’s missing something…just not quite sure what.


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