For those of you who don’t already know, my little one suffers quite badly from acid reflux. We are lucky enough to have periods when there is no sickness, this can last anywhere from 1 day to 1 week. But when it comes back, it comes back with gusto.
Acid reflux in babies can cause a great deal of sickness (not just the mouthful on the bib kind. The fountains of sick splashing on your floor kind). It also gives your little one pain as the acid comes up the throat, resulting in what feels like constant crying. If you are reading this and it is sounding familiar then get your baby checked out. I spent weeks looking at my friends babies feeding well and being calm and content and thinking I was doing something wrong.
Learning how to deal with reflux is very much a trial and error exercise. There are different medicines, milks and herbal remedies out there and you have to find the best combination for you and your little one. This can leave you feeling very exasperated. I used a great app called ‘eat sleep’ to monitor feed intakes and note any sickness. That allowed me to figure out the winning combination for us.
There are the standard reflux rules, which can aid the situation:
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