Ordinary moments


It happens all too fast.  I remember at 3 weeks standing in the bathroom thinking, oh my word, how are we going to cope looking after this little person.  But before I know it, you are age 3 going on 13 and own your own chapstick!

Growing up

This week was filled with illness, so I was slumped in bed.  But in you came and brought such a smile to my face with your cheeky patter.  You really made my heart melt  when I spotted you doing your own hair and applying chapstick in the mirror.  I have to admit though, as much as I smiled, my heart sank to realise that you won’t always be my little Munchie Moo.

As always during these magical moments, I didn’t have my proper camera to hand.

You have been pretty wicked as baby girls go.  I have really enjoyed bringing you up.  I just hope that you slow down a little bit, because I love looking after you so much.

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