Love The Little Things


Well it’s been a hell of a week!  First week back to work, with a bump and yet another cold (how is that possible?  I’m barely over the last one!) Those early starts are very difficult to get used to again. But enough chat about the day job…It’s time for Morgana’s #littleloves for this week:


Well, what a back log in my blog lovin feed!  So many great posts I want to shout about but I love this powerful post from Cool Bananas about keeping it real (fist pump is obligatory!)


I stumbled upon a video from Subaru that featured the lovely Katie and the gang over at Mummy Daddy Me.  Sharing their glamping adventure (also featuring the cast of 64 Zoo Lane!)


I had to re-tune my car DAB to get Absolute Radio post New Year!  What’s that all about?!  Now I can’t find Absolute 90’s, so making do with just the Absolute station.  So this week I’ve been reliving my youth with some Ocean, Colour, Scene


We’re all rather exhausted from the first week back to work, so the best I could muster up for a made this week was a hot chocolate (and it was hubs who made it…fail):

Made little loves 080115



Thankfully I get away with not wearing a suit to work most days and I get to be a bit funky now and again and….erm comfy.  This is my bargai top I got in Tesco (of all places) down from £20 to £5!

Wore little loves 080115

And lastly..

The home renovations have kick started again.  Pushing on and getting in the quotes from tradesmen for the kitchen to be installed.  To spread the now blown budget further I’ve sourced the kitchen from the Central Belt of Scotland and also speaking with a very nice chap in Glasgow about stone worktops.  But with the budget totally gone on essentials, I’m not getting much of a chance to dress the rooms for reveals as quickly as I had hoped…sorry!


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