I guess one of the biggest perks about having a place of work, is being able to sneakily print whatever you require on the company printer (shhhhh!)  However, since I started up my own company, that falls to me now.

As I work from home, I wasn’t keen to dedicate the space, or cost, to the multi purpose machines we are all used to seeing.  However, I didn’t want to miss out on the functionality I’d come to know and love from a work place printer.  So let me introduce to you the Epson ET-3600.

This 3 in 1 printer, scanner and copier is compact enough for the home or small office, whilst offering the flexibility to print wirelessly from your devices, such as laptops, phones and tablets from wherever you are.

I was a bit terrified of setting it up.  The last printer I brought home never got round to printing anything, as it wouldn’t work without being plugged into the router (which is housed inconveniently in an upstairs bedroom).  I needn’t have been though, as it was easy to set up, insert the ink and the printer does all the hard work whilst you take a coffee break and it’s ready to go when you return some 20 minutes later…Couldn’t really ask for a better treat than that.

Epson ET-3600 family review

The printer itself came with 2 full sets of ink, which requires decanting into the cartridges at the side of the machine.  I was slightly concerned this was going to be messy, but it wasn’t.  They thought of everything, even little holders above the cartridges to hold the lids.  Each set claims to print up to 11,000 pages, which is a lot of printing.

Functionality wise, it’s perfect for us.  I print full colour work proposals from home to take to meetings (up to 20 pages) and it’s just ideal for that.  I have the option to print double sided too.  I guess the only functionality I miss is having a feeder for the scanner and copier, but I’m really picking holes as it’s rare I need to do more than a few pages…but if it was a deal breaker, the next model up has this feature.

Epson ET-3600 family review

All in all, we are really enjoying the Epson ET-3600.  It’s proving to be the perfect home printer for our family and a small business printer for me.

Disclosure: We were sent the printer for review and all opinions are honest.


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  1. That’s awesome that it comes with two sets of ink – there’s nothing worse than buying a printer, then having to try and find the right cartridges for it!

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