Do you find yourself constantly comparing your little ones development against your friends’ children? You may well be playing ‘Baby Olympics’.

Described in the Urban Dictionary as ‘When parents constantly compete so that their children advance more quickly, have more toys, have bigger birthday parties etc. than their “friends”.’

Ever since the day you get pregnant, the ‘race’ begins. You feel sick, your friend feels even more sick, but I’m on tablets, but I’m in hospital, trump!

Then there is the buying of baby essentials. My cot is more expensive than your cot. The brand names start to get dropped into conversation. People feeling they have to justify themselves because they didn’t buy the most expensive one on the market.

I’ll admit it. I’m one of them. Instead of being laid back and not caring, I find myself on forums and facebook pages. Reading stories of other 14 week old babies and what they are doing. ‘Damn, Munch should be grabbing for toys now and she isn’t’. Matters are not helped by my Health Visitor, who wanted to ‘keep an eye’ on her, ever since she didn’t follow a red pom pom from left to right at the 6 week assessment. God forbid it may be that she wasn’t in the mood.

Does it all matter? At the end of the day, when they are 20 did it really matter what cot they had, or what age they were when they grabbed a toy for the first time?

There is a special contender in all of this. One I like to call ‘the gold medallist’. You’ll all know one. Got a justification for every item purchased. They also had the perfect birth experience. Have the perfect baby, the perfect routine and even the perfect house. Never any mention of a bad day. In fact the baby doesn’t ever cry. Wow really?! Bet they solved the Davinci Code too.

Why do we feel the need to try and ‘out do’ each other, instead of offering each other support by telling it like it is?

We all believe it and break our back trying to conform.

Time for a change. Next time you find yourself in a potential ‘race’ moment, just let it go.  Do you really believe everything they tell you?


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