Aether Cone feature

I’m a bit of a gadget geek, but when I was offered the Aether Cone to review and I saw it’s sleek design and on trend polished copper bottom, I jumped at the chance. Have you ever seen such an iconic and style savy music player?

Since we moved house last July, we have been completely ‘musicless’. Everything in the last house was built in via ceiling speakers, with the ugly looking systems centralised in a cupboard. We were sad to be leaving it all behind. I’ve struggled to find a replacement music system ever since. Even more so, one that will be visible and can stand proudly alongside my interior style.

Aether Cone feature

The Aether Cone arrived well packaged. In keeping with its trendy design. There are 2 colour options available, black & copper or white & silver retailing at £349. Being copper daft at the minute, it was an easy choice and I know the Aether Cone will fit in any room of the house.

Setting-Up & Controlling Aether Cone

Once unpacked, there are simple set up instructions in the box. I connected my the Aether Cone to the wifi via my iphone and downloaded the Aether iOS app so that I could control the system via my phone. However the system is just as easily connected to wifi via a computer and can be independently controlled without the use of an app by using the stylised copper volume buttons on the top of the system, changing tracks by turning the front speaker cover left or right and play or pause selected by tapping the centre button on the front.

Aether Cone Review 1

I connected my Aether app to my Rdio account. Although Rdio have a free subscription service, I would recommend the unlimited package for £9.99 per month and get access to all the tracks, ad free. Rdio also allows you to listen to radio podcasts. This is great for using the Aether Cone inside the house where you have wifi. But lets not forget that this little funky music player can be paired to your devices via Bluetooth, meaning that you charge it up and take it anywhere and allow friends to play their playlists. It also has the added functionality of Airplay, making it a great booster speaker for your mac, ipad when watching films. Altogether a versatile system, with endless features, regardless of what device you have or don’t have.

Talk To Your Aether Cone

The Aether Cone doesn’t just play…It’s a thinking music player that takes requests! By holding the touch sensitive centre button on the system I can request any track, artist, album or music genre I want. No fumbling about searching for songs or playlists anymore, this system is intelligent! Request Ed Sheeran, Aether Cone plays Ed Sheeran. Even with my broad Scottish accent!

Aether Cone Review 2

All the while the Aether Cone is learning your likes and dislikes and intelligently selecting songs based on what you listen to most.

What I Love About Aether Cone

The sound quality is equally impressive and by pairing up multiple Aether Cones, you can surround your house and garden with music.

Aether Cone Review 4

This is by far the most stylish, fun, and versatile music player I have ever seen. At £349, Aether Cone is very competitive price wise, as it offers so much. I think we have finally solved our music player dilemma.

Disclosure: We were sent the product to review, but all opinions are 100% honest.



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