We have been exploring some new tastes this past month, thanks to Sainsbury’s Little Ones range. I’ve talked before about my fussy eating habits growing up and how I didn’t want my likes and dislikes (more so my long list of dislikes) to impacts on the girls. When we weaned Liv, I was adamant she would try everything I didn’t like and if anything I would have to conform and not the other way around. However good old second child tends to just “slot in” with the already established meal planning and I was conscious that MM didn’t get the same opportunity as Liv on the taste journey front. So I was excited to be able to give her a taste of things that don’t always make the cut here.

Sainsburys little ones range baby food

We were sent a range of products to try, but I was more excited about those that we wouldn’t normally make, such as Cottage Pie, Fish Pie and the Chicken Curry, which has cauliflower in the rice. Don’t get me wrong, we have chicken curry, but typically they all have different bases, so I wanted to broaden her tastes a little bit more than our norm.

The range was developed by Fiona Wilcock, who is a registered nutritionist with over 20 years’ experience. It took more than 3 years to develop and has been created with healthy eating patterns and exploring the taste journey in mind. The range starts from weaning age, so if you are looking for baby first food, such as baby rice or even organic baby food, then this is a good inclusive range.

The first thing we noticed was the fun and engaging packaging. Both my girls thought the animals were fun and we let MM take the sleeve to the table to find the vegetables she could see.

Sainsburys little ones range baby food

There were of course the instant hits, such as the Cottage Pie and Cheesy Pasta, but the Fish Pie took a few attempts. Just proving that fish isn’t something that we have on a weekly basis, so it’s a new taste altogether. But after a couple of meal times with it, she was happy to tuck straight in.

Sainsburys little ones range baby food

I’m glad that MM has now had a chance to try something a little different and I’m going to continue to experiment and introduce different foods into our weekly meal planning, by using the Little Ones hub to discover new recipes to try.

Disclosure: This is a promotion with Sainsbury’s

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