Another week, another ordinary moment…The crisp monster!

We all should beware of the crisp monster!  It can descend on any family and can strike at any minute.

Here is what you should look out for:

Key Characteristics of the crisp monster

  • Small
  • Cute
  • Imitates a small child
  • Noisy
  • Can hear a crisp packet rustle from a different postcode district

I luckily have caught a few snaps of the crisp monster, so you know what you’re up against…

Crisp monster

Do not approach the crisp monster.  For your own safety, place your bag on the floor and retreat slowly.

PS the crisp monster will not be happy if responding to a rustle from a bag of pickled onion.  Bet to have a back up bag of cheese and onion.



  1. You see I am an adult crisp muncher, I would eat crisps all day if I could but for some reason my BIZARRE children don’t like them. LL will eat a couple of Quavers and that’s it. However put chocolate in front of them and that’s a TOTALLY different story!
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