1. Ohhhhhhhhh myyyy…brave little girl! I’d constantly feel like it was on me even afterwards :)

  2. Wow, that’s a very brave girl… I like spiders but the men in my household hate them, so I have the job of removing them, but they’ve never been as big as that!!

  3. Great shot… was she excited or scared?

  4. Very brave! Love her expression.

  5. BRAVE BRAVE BRAVE girl! Just wow. I wouldn’t even be in same room!

  6. So brave! if this is me i would shriek like crazy =P #mysundayphoto

  7. Eeeeek! I don’t hate spiders but I’m not sure I could hold one. Too many legs!

  8. I want to run away and hide. Eugh!! x

  9. Wow! Much braver than me..did she enjoy it?

  10. Eek! Much braver than I am!

    *runs off*

  12. Love the look on her face, I am not afraid of spiders but I am not sure I could let one that big walk over my hand. Very brave :) #silentsunday

  13. Erm no chance I’d be holding that

    Thank you for linking up

  14. She’s a braver girl than me that’s for sure! #mysundayphoto

  15. Eeeek – brave little lady! x

  16. NEVER WOULD I DO THIS! But well done to your girl because….just…no…never! lol x

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