Moving from cot to bed

When you move your child into a big bed is really up to you.  From the research I did online, moving from cot to bed tends to take place from 18 months upwards.  Munch was 2 years old in August, so was around the 27 month mark in November when we came to do it.

Being a bit of a worrier, I didn’t want to overlook toddler bedroom safety when making the transition from cot to bed.  Given she would now have new freedom to get up and about,  I surveyed her room and identified any potential dangers.  These were mainly large pieces of furniture, heavy items within reach and believe it or not, roman blinds.

We first introduced a safety gate to her bedroom door in August.  We opted for a Lindam Sure Shut Axis gate.  I had actually bought this for our stairs about a year ago and never got around to buying the extension pack for it. Thankfully it was the perfect width for the bedroom door and really easy to fit.  I’m glad we did this early, as Munch took a fascination with it and ensured that she got to click the handle down every time we entered or left the room.

Now that Munch was safe from gaining access to the stairway, we tackled the large pieces of furniture.  We ordered furniture straps to attach the wardrobe, drawers, bedside cabinet and the Ikea bookcase (AKA perfect toddler climbing frame) to the wall.

We also rearranged a few things.  Books moved to the bottom shelves and any large heavy items well out of reach.

moving from cot to bed

Munch is quite the explorer, so I had visions of the wardrobe and drawers being raided. So we ordered a cabinet handle lock and hidden magnetic drawer locks (Baby Dan £6.99).  I was conscious I didn’t want anything to be stuck on the outside of the furniture, or screwed into either.

moving from cot to bed

The magnetic drawer locks can be used on cabinets or drawers and can either be stuck on or screwed.  When in place, you would never know they are there and unlike other hidden locks, your little one can’t jam little fingers in the gap, as there isn’t one!  They open with a magnetic key and can be locked in the open position for when you no longer need them.  These were really a great find.

We have roman blinds in most rooms and Munch isn’t tall enough to reach these yet. That’s not to say that by some miracle she gets her little mitts on the cord. You can buy wheel type contraptions to secure roman blind cords to the wall, but we decided to just hook it out of the way after closing the blind.

moving from cot to bed

Lastly, we had to decide what toddler bed guard to go for. By chance I was passing Mothercare one day and ended up buying their own brand bed guard. It turned out to be wider than I thought, which is good! It is very secure. In fact, the only downside is that I’m not Inspector Gadget. So by the time I’ve used both hands to push the buttons at either end, I have to lift the guard into place with my foot, or pull it down with my knee. But as parents, we’re all well versed at utilising bums, tums and whatever else to open and close doors!  So it’s not a big issue.

We still use the video monitor so we can keep an eye on any antics. But I have to say, 2 weeks in and every precaution taken, we have had no problems moving from cot to bed. I don’t even think she has realised she can get out. Not that I’m complaining!



  1. I especially like the pink bed guard and the fact that it covers most of the bed. Soon enough it will be time for my younger daughter tp go in a bed.
    Thank you for linking up with the Parenting #Pinitparty

  2. Danielle Graves Reply

    We moved my son into a bed when he was 15 months old but he was ready for it. We didn’t bother with a bedguard as his bed is close to the floor and he has a secondary mattress on the floor to start with in case he fell out.

    Those locks look great though, I think I have some similar for his wardrobe but I never thought of getting them for his drawers, I shall have to look into them.

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