Choosing the right mattress

With the renovations in the house, we are reviewing furniture that we’ve had a while and making decisions on whether to replace them.  One thing which we have had longer than I thought is our mattress in the master bedroom.

The Sleep Council recommend replacing a mattress every 7 years (obviously this depends on level of use).  Even though I still refer to our mattress as ‘new’, we got it when we moved into our first house in 2009, making it 6 years old!  Wow!  So with that in mind, we need to look to replace it in the next 12 months.  So here are a few top things I look for when buying a new mattress:


Comfort is a big factor for me.  I love my bed and given half the chance, I’d sleep all day in it! Despite having other areas to blog, nothing quite beats sitting with my feet up in bed, laptop on my knee with the tv on.


We are a bit like Ross & Rachel when it comes to sleeping (with me being Ross!) I like my space when I sleep, so if you are like me (and have the room) then a super king bed is a good option to consider.  I also want to maximise space.  Sealy have edge to edge technology…making the most of available space.  Meaning that both of you can starfish!


I’m not one for sitting or standing up straight (never have been).  So when in bed, I like to try to take care of my back support if I can.  Whilst still ticking all the other boxes like comfort.  If you are going into the shops to try the mattress, always take the person you share a bed with.  Depending on the level of firmness and the type of mattress, you can end up rolling into the centre of the bed.


Ok, so this might sound a bit of an odd one.  But the last thing you want is not being able to lift the corners up to tuck the sheet in.  Some mattresses can be rather heavy!

Our current mattress is a Sealy memory foam mattress and I find it really comfortable, like sleeping on air.  Mr M on the other hand is a few stone heavier and finds it a bit too soft.  So we’ll have a battle on our hands!

Disclosure: This post is in association with Sealy, but all thoughts and opinions are 100% mine.


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