That was a quick week!  This week I’ve been floored by yet another plague.  I’m rather annoyed that my Christmas break was overshadowed by something I caught from the office.  Now here I am off on a weekend break with some buddies, over shadowed by yet another office lurgy.  I swear if this was the States, I could sue!

Yep, I did say Weekend break!  I’m currently enroute to Englandshire to meet up with Donna (What The Redhead Said) and Steph (Mental Parentals).  Sadly we’re a man down, but these lovely ladies were my first ever twitter buddies.  So I can’t wait to all be in the same room (less 1).  I dare say my instagram and twitter feed will be full of snaps over the next few days (sorry…not sorry).

But enough…It’s time for the fun bits! Morgana’s #littleloves for this week:


Will I ever catch up with Blog Lovin?!  The jury is out!  I was lured into Katie’s holiday round up post from facebook thanks to the spectacular scenery.  The place looks amazing!  I watched the video too whilst I was laid up sick in bed and cried at the elmo scene at the end (I’m blaming that on being sick and not just that I’m a huge sap!)


I’ve been following My Two Mums you tube daily posts. If you must catch one, it has to be this one.  I think we can all sympathise with the numb mouth!


The crunchy sounds that snow makes under the wheel of a car.  One of my favourite sounds, oddly enough!


This week we made a rather long road trip to pick up my new car.  Lots of excitement as I get the exact same colour, model and specification! Heck I get to sniff ‘new car’ smell safe in the knowledge that this car will never be this clean again!  Time to set the ‘no eating in the car’ rule (which will be broken!).


I love my comfy Warehouse dress (another #frocksforfolks purchase…Emma I need another sale!) Teamed up with my Jones ankle boots and Holly coin necklace, it’s my favorite work outfit of the moment.

Wore little loves 2101


And lastly..

Shameless shoutout for my instagram series #weekendinanutshell Some of you may already know that on a Sunday around 6pm GMT, it’s time to collage your weekend on instagram.  The favourite will be regrammed on Monday morning, just ahead of the commute back to reality.  Find out more by clicking on the button below.





  1. Life at the Little Wood Reply

    Oh my, the dress is so beaut on you! 🙂 I’m absolutely LOVING #weekendinanutshell – such a fab idea and it’s brill to see so many people joining in! Hope you have the loveliest weekend with the girlies pet, and that you feel loads better for it too! Xxx

  2. That dress is lovely. Yay to your new car, I swear every month I have a ‘no eating in the car’ rule and never stick to it….although we have an oldish car so that’s probably why!
    Have a great weekend x
    Lauren recently posted…#littleloves | 23/01/2015My Profile

  3. I too have been mesmerised by Katie’s holiday posts this week, her photography and videos are so captivating. Sorry to hear you’re feeling under the weather again sweetie, all 3 of us here have been struck down with horrid colds and viruses so can totally sympathise. LOVE that Warehouse dress on you, gorgeous colour! Enjoy the new car, nothing quite like a ‘new car’ smell. Have a lovely weekend xxx #LittleLoves
    Vikki Holness recently posted…#LittleLoves // Week 4My Profile

  4. Your dress looks gorgeous. I hope you have a fun filled weekend. Your Instagram weekend round-up looks like fun. Can you do a collage on an Iphone?

    • I use an app called diptic and it’s super easy. I know there is a few out there! Would love to see you joining in 🙂

  5. Another Bun Reply

    Ooh might have to join in with your instagram series – will see what this weekend brings. Hope you have a lovely time away with your girls x

  6. Yey for a new car! What a lovely instagram idea, I’ve not got an account but will definitely join if I get one! Xx
    Alice recently posted…#LittleLovesMy Profile

    • I’m loving seeing more and more people join in. Quite exciting to think that people want to join in with little ole me x

  7. Love your dress too! Enjoy your weekend. Sounds like it’s going to be fun! I’ve loaded with the cold again and off on a work trip tomorrow afternoon… hopefully I don’t make all my new colleagues ill :-/ Think I’m coming up to Aberdeen at the start of Feb, so we should try and hook up then if you’re around. I’ll PM you with dates… just give me a nudge if I forget! x
    Glasgow Mummy recently posted…#LittleLoves 4My Profile

  8. I completely agree about Katie’s holiday posts and videos – it looks amazing and the photography is beautiful. Love your dress, and how exciting about your new car!
    #weekendinanutshell is such a fab idea! I haven’t joined in yet but its on my list of things to do 🙂 Have a lovely weekend xx

  9. I’ve been loving Katie’s holiday posts too, my youngest is addicted to watching all the videos of it and now she wants to go there too! haha Hope you had a lovely weekend break! xxx

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