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June 25, 2014
Mummy Muncher

office room tour

Continuing on with the home tour.  Time to show you my little area of calm, so cue the home office room tour.

This is the smallest room in the house and is a little bit of a glorified cupboard if I’m honest.  After all, it has no windows!  So given this, it really wasn’t much use for anything else other than an office.

This has to be the most neutral room in the house.  If you are a regular reader, you’ll know I had grand plans for the home office.  But with the move happening tomorrow, those plans will have to be executed in the new place!

What I Love About This Room

I love the furniture in this room, although far too big for the space.  Not sure if it’ll make the cut.  As the office in the new house will be in what is currently their pantry!

office room tour

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  1. My favourite thing in your office is the ‘ALl You Need Is Love’ quote – I think you like that phrase! x

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