Well our plans to get the house baby ready are progressing nicely! This is now our third post in the series (you can catch up here) The office is finished and work has begun on the front hall to replace the skirtings and door frames, as well as paint.  I have also been adding finishing touches to other rooms and areas around the house that were looking somewhat unfinished.

Last time we talked about planning the nursery decor and furniture, as well as initial sleeping arrangements.  Well after my polka dot inspiration for the nursery, we have finished the decorating and have got all the large furntiure in place.  All that is left to do is to put up a few shelves, a last minute Ikea Stuva wardrobe is currently on its way and I also need to order a blind and then the room will be complete!  We have looked out the basket and carry cot and bought new mattresses all round…we were lucky enough that there was a sale on at Mamas & Papas the time, so we saved a fortune!

The kitchen is on hold, I would guess until Munch starts school next September which will free up some monthly spending on nursery and allow us to install it and take down the dividing wall and re floor the entire ground floor.  Can’t say I’m over the moon, but I can’t change it unless, I win the lotto, so I have to make peace with that (repeats over and over in my head).  The kitchen and appliances, will be stored in the undecorated back lounge over winter, to avoid the frost in the garage.  So that really just leaves us the kitchen, utility and back lounge to finish once we get back on our feet and our house will be finished on the inside.

So what’s next on our list of things to get the house baby ready…

Toy Organisation

I talked about de cluttering in a previous post and the time has come to free up an Ikea expedit for some baby toys! We bought a new media unit, which has given us 2 expedits back for toy storage.  I have also bought a coffee table with integrated storage, which will be great for storing baby changing things downstairs.  The good thing about all of these is it keeps things hidden!  I’m not a fan of seeing dvds, books and toys…it stresses me out, so the more we can tidy away the better.

Clothes Organisation

Since we found out we were having a girl, we knew we’d get the use out of Munch’s old baby outfits.  Bring on a mammoth session of washing and drying!  We don’t have a tumble drier (this will be fixed pronto after this task!) so our house is permanently covered in baby clothes!  I’m going to keep everything up to 18mth in the nursery, sorted all nice and neatly with wardrobe dividers and as baby girl grows we will keep bringing out a size at a time.  I’ve found that we kept alot of clothes from the early months, but as the sizing jumps from 3mth brackets to year brackets, the clothes weren’t good enough to hold on to.

Batch Cooking & Wish List

The time has come to stick an extra bit of dinner on and start freezing portions for those first few weeks/months where you really can’t face cooking!  Efforts will be increased over the last 10 weeks to make sure we have enough to see us through.

We have also taken stock of what baby toys and essentials that we already have and made a list of what we need to get.  We have organised a second baby car seat, as we survived with just one last time.  The bugaboo has been dusted off and we now know what items we need to get.  You can read about it here.


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