Preparing for baby

There are a few, ok…alot, of things baby will need and this series will follow how to get your home baby ready in time for your new arrival.

I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant with my second baby, but I’m already starting to think of what I should be doing each month to get my home ‘baby ready’. You may think it’s a bit early, but have you thought about the thing you want to do to your home that you won’t have time for after your little bundle arrives?

I want to make sure that when October comes, I’m not kicking myself that I didn’t do something in time, so with a little bit of planning we should be ready.

Identify A Nursery

You will no doubt already be thinking about decor for a nursery, I know I am, and by all means Pinterest is a great resource for ideas.  But mainly at this stage, you’ll want to identify a room for baby.  This may be a room you already use and may need a bit of decluttering before you can even start thinking about decorating.  Or perhaps you’re looking to have baby share with a brother or sister and you need to think about optimum room layouts.  It’s never to early to set the wheels in motion.

Outstanding Home Improvements

If like us, you have been renovating or decorating, you’ll want to set realistic goals of how much you think you can do before baby arrives.  I speak from experience when I say, things tend to get put on hold for a good year afterwards! We have a kitchen including appliances waiting to be fitted.  I had hoped to finish the whole house before October, however due to a change at work, we’ve had to be responsible and halt works at the house.  Frustrating, but I’d rather have a functional old kitchen that a half fitted new one.

So if you want to finish off a living room, or simply put up shelves…now is the time to identify those jobs that never get done and start plugging them into your calender for completion.


This is something that we are doing as we worked through the renovation, but decluttering and finding new homes for your unwanted items is a great way to make space for all those baby products that you’ll be collecting over the coming months.

Gumtree and ebay are great for those more expensive items and the cash will come in handy!

So, there you have it…installment 1 of  ‘Getting Your House Baby Ready.’  Look out for next months post.




  1. You are so right when you say things get put on hold for almost a year after baby is born! Ours is almost 10 months old and we are only now just starting to think in decorating! 🙂

  2. Mary Banks Reply

    I remember when I was expecting I was too excited that 6 months prior to my delivery the nursery is already done, complete with baby decors and rubber mats. 🙂

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  4. With my first, we cleared out room to be his room & painted around six months pregnant because it was around Christmas time and we had a few days off so it was a perfect time. we will probably wait until Christmas to do the same for this lo. Then I can slowly get things in the room and things set up.

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