Project home kick offWell after moving into our forever home at the end of June and having a plumber round the very next week, it has taken until now to finally have the work started.  I am over the moon to finally make a start in renovating this house from top to bottom.  We bought it for the shell and the location, the place was always going to be ripped apart.

WARNING:-If the sight of wood, wood and more wood hurts your eyes, avert them now!

Living here for 3 months now, has bothered me hugely.  Putting up with other peoples decor choices day in, day out (ok, so it’s magnolia, nothing ghastly)  But the dark wood, light wood, any wood….it’s everywhere and the matching kitchen and bathrooms were too woody.  I had completely lost my cleaning mojo.  No amount of cleaning was gone to feel good enough.

bathroom revamp

First things first, it’s the main bathroom, ensuite and downstairs loo/shower.  I have opted for double ended baths, white gloss handle-less units and a white stone countertop.  I can’t wait to see it finished! (Don’t fret the oak doors already have a home, with a local builder).

bathroom revamp

I’ve been really stuck for tile ideas.  Both of the bathrooms are quite small, so large high polished tiles are out.  With the pitched ceilings too, it doesn’t leave much room above the counter top (before the wall becomes ceiling), which we need to be mindful of.  One row of tiles here looks so bad.

bathroom revamp

I had considered subway tiles for this area, but as we are tiling the bath panels, it’ll be too much subway tiles (having turned to pinterest for inspiration).

All I know is all 3 will look identical (minus the bath in the downstairs loo) and it marks the start of ”forever home revamp’.

The following week, the decorator starts on Munch’s bedroom (inspiration here) and it really feels like a weight lifted to schedule work in.

Munch room

Still the woodwork to paint, internal doors to change, decor throughout, kitchen & utility and flooring to go (oh my!)  Oh and the outside needs modernising.  Next year will hopefully see new windows and external doors (last of the dark wood) and the stonework needs a good brightening up.

Stay tuned for the reveals!



  1. Life at the Little Wood Reply

    Such a beautiful house in a beautiful place. You will have it gorgeous in no time! I absolutely love house renovations, so am so excited to follow your progress! 🙂 xx

  2. Please tell me you are painting the outside? The greyish colour of so many houses just depresses me! It will be a beautiful home in no time. Then you’ll be looking to move again – I know what you’re like! x
    Donna recently posted…The Wonders of Search EnginesMy Profile

    • Painting? Nooooo! We’ll be removing the harled walls and doing them again! The granite bricks will be sandblasted. Windows replaced and all the dark wood gone! There is a lot to be done! X

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