Ordinary Moments 2014 #38 | No Fear

September 21, 2014
Mummy Muncher

I think I have run through a fair amount of Munch’s favourite things to do over the course of Katie’s Ordinary Moments link up. It’s about time that I tackle some of her qualities. One of which is confidence.

Neither hubs or I were particularly fearless as children. I remember being very shy all through school and even now, at 31, I was terrified at my first Britmums Live! So we have no idea where her confidence comes from.

no fear ordinary moments

Perhaps being at nursery has given her this confidence boost. It’s by no means cocky. It’s actually really endearing to watch her enjoy life (not giving 2 hoots about what people say or think). I wish she could keep this quality forever, but I know it will fade as she grows.

Until then, we will watch her tackle any situation she is faced with, with no fear.

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What Wood Goes into a Piece of Furniture?

September 19, 2014
Mummy Muncher

If you’ve ever read my Splurge Vs Save series, you will know I’m a big fan of taking an expensive piece of furniture and trying to find it cheaper elsewhere.  But besides brand name…what makes those statement pieces more expensive?

Craftmanship is a big factor in the price of furniture.  What effort went into making the piece and was it handmade? Is it a one off, or mass produced?  But also the materials used during the process and how easily available they are.

Take wooden furniture for example.  The wood used to build your furniture can largely depend on what the piece is, but this can be a big influence on the price.  So what wood can you expect furniture to be made from and how will that impact the price?  The folks at Furniture UK have put together a great infographic to show the facts and figures of wood:

Wooden Furniture Facts

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post with Furniture UK

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