Trimming With BLACK+DECKER

August 29, 2014
Mummy Muncher

BLACK+DECKER Hedgetrimmer

I couldn’t have asked for a better Britmums Live sponsor this year.  This is the 3rd product in the BLACK+DECKER range that I’ve had the pleasure to try out and it couldn’t have come at a better time.

As Summer draws to a rather early close, it’s time to be thinking about tidying up before the frost sets in (yes, it’s August and it’s already cold enough in the morning to warrant Winter tyres!).  Where as this was a rather easy job in our last house, we now have inherited more than enough hedge to last a lifetime.  Some of which Daddy Munch took a chainsaw to the second we moved in.  I wouldn’t mind but he has dived in with no timescale or plan (nightmare).  So we could have rather patchy areas of garden for some time.

Those bushes that did survive the cull however were looking a bit rough around the edges.  Although we have a chainsaw, it’s not really for fine pruning and certainly not for heights.  So we relished the opportunity to give the BLACK+DECKER Hedge trimmer a go.

BLACK+DECKER Hedgetrimmer

When it arrived, I was so surprised at how light it was.  Whilst Daddy Munch was taken aback by the 36v Lithium battery, which took only 1 hour to charge and slotted into place with a satisfying click.  I’ve since found out that this battery is infact interchangeable with 4 products in the range, so from one charge you can mow, trim, strim and blow leaves.

The Mr set to work in the garden after an hours battery charge and he had his work cut out (no pun intended).  We wondered whether the battery would last, but it continued night after night after night and it still has the same oomph to it.

BLACK+DECKER Hedgetrimmer

The BLACK+DECKER hedge trimmer we received had a 55cm blade, so we managed to cover more area in less time.  When it came to those hard to reach areas, the cordless aspect was fantastic.  Weighing in at 3.1kg, it made those high places so much kinder on Mr’s arms.

We were really pleased with the results we got from it.  Even Munch had fun with the trimmings!

BLACK+DECKER Hedgetrimmer


RRP £140.00

1 hour battery charge

Lightweight & Cordless

Disclaimer: This review is part of my Britmums Live 2014 sponsorship.  We were loaned a BLACK+DECKER Hedgetrimmer for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100% ours.



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Summer Holiday Round Up #kidsinthekitchen

August 27, 2014
Mummy Muncher

kids in the kitchen

Well the school runs and nightmare traffic are just around the corner (or have started if you are in Scotland).  So what did you do to entertain the young ones in your life for a whole 6 weeks?  Well the lovely people at Betta Living sent me and Munch a pack to keep us entertained during the rainy Summer months.  It was such a generous box of goodies, it’ll keep us going until Christmas (so stay tuned on instagram for more pictures).

kids in the kitchen

Although I was shocked to read that on average it rains for half the month of July.  In reality, I quite believe it!  It’s always hard to think of new ways to keep kids entertained when it rains.  So, with such rotten weather this summer, our #kidsinthekitchen pack was an absolute blessing.

Developed with stimulation and creativity in mind, the contents of the pack came in at £50 and came with a selection of activities in association with Betta Living to keep the family busy for at least 20 days.  You could only imagine the cost comparison if you were to attend theme parks, foreign holidays etc.  Ok, so I wouldn’t suggest doing solely these activities for 20 days.  But certainly applying the box every other day, will not only keep the kids stimulated, but have a drastic saving on your summer entertainment bill.

The activities we have done so far

Ice lolly making has been a big hit!  I can’t believe how much fun we have had from a plastic ice lolly set.  Stay tuned for some recipes that we found delicious.

kids in the kitchen

We also got great amusement out of the straw race game.  Although Munch quite enjoyed the simple task of matching up the colour of the straws.

kids in the kitchen

Indoor bowling was a hit when Munch’s birthday party was rained off.

kids in the kitchen

Growing cress was by far my favourite!  Not only did we get the immediate fun of decorating our containers.  We got the longevity of watching our little cress head and cress alien head come to life.

There is still so much to do, such as pizza making, playing shop, the memory game and growing lavender.  We can’t wait!

Disclaimer: We were sent a box of goodies in order to put this post together in association with Betta Living.  However all opinions are my own.


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Travelling With Children

August 26, 2014
Mummy Muncher

travelling with children

I’m a fan of holidaying in the UK (the thought of going abroad with a toddler terrifies me).  However staying in the UK isn’t entirely gripe free.  Does that famous saying ‘are we there yet?’ ring any bells with any of you?!

Travelling with children doesn’t have to be daunting.  With a little bit of forward planning you can reduce the stress all round and hopefully make the journey part of the holiday (and not the bit you dread).

We experienced this ourselves when we went on our first family holiday in April.  We had a 4 hour car journey ahead of us.  Being armed with a few good tactics, should see you through.  This is how we avoided any screaming from Munch:

  • Plan your journey around their routine.  We usually eat lunch at 12pm.  So we headed off at 11am and made sure we arrived on the edge of Aberdeen at that time, perfectly placed for leg 2 of the journey.  We also knew that Munch would nod off after a big meal and that would take care of the next leg!
  • The wheels on the bus go round and round and round and round…. Whether you download, stream, shove cd’s into a slot (or even a tape!), make sure you have an ample supply of nursery rhymes or Disney soundtracks to eradicate boredom (well we at least bought 30 minutes).
  • Musical chairs. Not of the traditional kind! But if you don’t mind it, sometimes the novelty of them sitting up front with the driver, or you joining them in the back can really take the sting out for a good hour.
  • Advanced techniques.  I’m a bit reluctant to introduce ipads and films into the car (out of fear that is becomes the day to day norm), but these are techniques that a few close friends swear by.
  • Play it old school. When all else fails…yep you’ve guessed it, a good old game of eye spy never fails!

For more tips and advice on traveling with children, watch this video from Parkdean.  A summary of a recent review from over 1,400 families on their most successful tips for keeping children happy when travelling.

Disclaimer: This post is in association with Parkdean


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