Dress up your Drawers | Door Knobs Giveaway

January 27, 2015
Mummy Muncher (Life With Munchers)

Door Knobs Giveaway

I’m a big lover of easy ways to update a room and changing up your door knobs is one of those.  It’s an easy and affordable way to refresh any piece of furniture.

I was excited to hear from Trinca-Ferro to try out some of their door knobs and also to offer a set of 6 up as a giveaway.  They have a vast range of knobs available, in numerous styles.  So you can be sure to find something you love.

I picked the Rodgers clear glass knob (£2.95 each) and I had just the perfect piece of furniture in mind!  A blogger friend of mine, Gaby at Life In Eight, has recently updated her Ikea Hemnes drawers in her daughters room and they looked fabulous! So ‘monkey see, monkey do’!

It’s hardly a wild Ikea hack, but it’s certainly an easy one.  The knobs were really easy to switch over and gave the drawers a whole new look.  Perfect for a big girls bedroom! (sneak peek of Munch’s new room colours!)

Ikea Hemnes drawers hack

You could transform your room too, with a set of 6 knobs from Trinca-Ferro.  All you need to do is complete the rafflecopter below…good luck! (ends 10th February 2015 10pm)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Splurge Vs Save | Letter Cushion

January 26, 2015
Mummy Muncher (Life With Munchers)

Cheap Letter Cushion

I don’t know about you, but I love home furnishings and cushions especially.  I love something that can be easily changed and can give a room a new lease of life.

Letter Cushion Splurge

I love the scrabble letter effect cushions.  Kara from Innocent Charmer posted a photo of giant scrabble letters on a wall and I’ve been hooked on finding a way to bring the look to my home ever since!  This particular cushion is from good old Marks & Spencer for £10.

Letter Cushion Save

I’m loving Matalan home at the moment.  They really are upping their game and bringing out some great things for the home.  This letter cushion looks so much sharper and I prefer it to the M&S one.  Just as well it’s a snip at £8, which is a great saving if you are buying a few.

So which do you prefer?  Hard choice this week!

Catch up on the rest of the splurge vs save series

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3 Factors to Help You Choose the Right Kitchen Worktop

January 24, 2015
Mummy Muncher (Life With Munchers)

So you’ve finally made the decision that those old and battered worktops need to be replaced, but which worktop material do you choose?

The problem with having all the options available to you is that you can easily be overwhelmed by the choice. Thankfully, there are three criteria you can use to help you narrow down and find the right choice for you.

Find a material that suits your home decor

First and foremost you are looking for a worktop that will suit your personal aesthetic. The interior design of your home is something that you have spent years cultivating by finding just the right pieces. Don’t let a worktop compromise your style just because it’s practical.

That being said, simply by replacing your kitchen counters you can transform the heart of your home, taking it from drab to fab or from vintage to modern. The main materials that you should be considering are:

● Laminate;
● wood; and
● stone – such as marble, granite or quartz.

Laminate is an interesting choice, and one that is relatively popular as it mimics the appearance of other materials. For those unfamiliar, laminate counters are made of woodchip with a thin laminate (plastic) sheet cover. The surface material comes in styles which look like rustic wood panels or materials such as granite.

Laminate owes much of its popularity to its affordability. But like all slightly cheaper things, it doesn’t last all that long. Thought it may look like wood or granite, laminate has none of the strength and resistance to damage that the real thing does. Though it is made to be reasonably durable, laminate can become burned, torn and chipped over time.

If you’re tempted to buy laminate styled like wood or granite, it’s worth noting that those qualities, such as the feel of a wood counter with its rustic charm and natural lines, cannot really be replicated.

Quartz and granite worktop specialists Modern Worktops note that “it’s often precisely those unique qualities – the different colours in the crushed stones and gradient shades that are only found in real stone, that close the deal for our customers”

Marble and granite worktops are an investment

How to choose a kitchen worktop

Materials like marble, granite and wood can all add value to your home. If you are raising children and know that you won’t be moving for a number of years then you may want to consider a material that will add value to your home.

Wood can last longer than laminate because damage to the surface adds character. Scorch marks from a hot pan and scratches from a bread knife give the wood memories and depth that can appeal to both homeowners and buyers. If you have a country home, real wood counters, like an aga, are a selling point.

Stone countertops, such as granite, come with a starting value that you could see reflected in the resale value of your home. London based estate agents iProperties say: “Prospective buyers can see when homeowners have invested in their homes. Many see it as a worthwhile added cost which has saved them renovating time and helped keep their kitchen looking presentable”

Cheap surfaces let you remodel rental houses

Your finances will always play a part in your renovations. You have the choice of saving for the bespoke kitchen worktop that you’ll adore, or you can find a cheaper alternative for now.

Laminate can be perfect if you want to refresh your kitchen on a budget or are looking to rent. Wood is a great way to make your home feel homely, but if you aren’t going to be around to enjoy it then is it worth it? Lastly, stone should be saved for an upmarket rental or if you are finally settled for the next ten years. Whatever you choose, make sure that above all else you’ll be happy with your new kitchen worktop.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post

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