Christmas Gift Ideas for Men

December 19, 2014
Mummy Muncher (Life With Munchers)

Christmas ideas for men

I cant believe it’s Christmas next week!  So with that in mind, here is the last of my Christmas gift guides…this week it’s the hubby’s turn!  You can see the rest of this years gift guides here.

1. Classic Car Magazine Subscription – £39.99 isubscribe

Hubs is car daft.  Both sets of dads/brothers run garages, so he grew up fiddling with cars and went on to sell them for 10 years of his life.  Although all behind him, he still has has love for them.  So this would be an ideal present for him.

2. BLACK+DECKER Project Kit – £24.99 Homebase

I’ve done a fair bit of coverage for BLACK+DECKER this year as part of my Britmums Live sponsorship and we have both really enjoyed it!  The tools in the range are really easy to use.  The attention to detail by making products charge from the same battery is just ingenious.  We’ll continue to buy their products for our DIY projects around the house.

3. Prada Aftershave 50ml – £46 Debenhams

Ok, so maybe this is more for me!  But he wore this on the day of our wedding and I love it!  I can smell it at 100 paces.

4.  The Bairn Hamper – £28.35 Scottish Hampers

Again, I would happily eat all of this!  We are Scottish, therefore feel free to pigeon hole us as Irn Bru drinking, deep fried pizza eating, haggis hunting Scots (you’d be right!) This hamper is just great.  Everything has memories attached to it and I can’t think of a better food hamper to receive.

5. Chilli Lover Hamper – £36.50 Not on the High Street

Ok, so this hamper is equally good (if you like spice in your life).  The hubs is a lover of all things spicy and this would be a welcomed addition to our new kitchen.

6. MacAllan 10 year Whisky – £49.50 The Whisky Exchange

Whisky/Whiskey…however you wish to spell it (legally it’s Whisky though!) another of the hubby’s loves is his malt.  It’s an expensive hobby, but so is my home accessories addiction, so we’ll let it slide.

What’s on your list for the man in your life?

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Love The Little Things 19th December 2014

December 19, 2014
Mummy Muncher (Life With Munchers)

Love The Little Things time again with Morgana over at But Why Mummy Why.

Another autopilot week on the blog for me.  Not had much chance for social media either, but we’re all still here!


Spied a rather though provoking post by Amy over at 2boys1mum last night about raising a gender neutral child.  I’m not one for stereotypes and it just reminded me of my rage when Munch was told by nursery that blue is for boys and that only boys have short hair.  I’m not committed to the cause.  I do try to keep her mind open though.

Take a read…what’s your thoughts?


This vlog had me in tears this week.  Maybe it’s the music…maybe it’s the way it’s put together….or maybe it’s just the cuteness of the excitement on kids faces at Christmas.  Take a peek at the lovely Emma week 2 of advent video over at Life at the Littlewood:


By far the best thing I’ve heard all week!  I would love to witness something like this one day.  It’s so amazing (and I actually thought it was the bloke from Erasure!)


Getting crafty in the lead up to Christmas and got a few bits from my favourite craft shop….Home Bargains!  This week we painted some tree decorations

Made little loves 1912


The week before Christmas wouldn’t be the same without the Christmas Jumper!  I found this little number (This is not a Xmas Jumper) at River Island (although £20 online, but £30 instore…shame on you River Island!).  I teamed it up with leggings and my black boots from last weeks ‘wore’ for our office night out (which was pretty casual!).

Wore little loves 1912

And lastly..

We lucked out this week at Tesco, when Munch got to meet Santa who was outside.  We got a rather quick photo. I did want to stage a pose, but there was a rogue kid making a bee line for the main man, so I was lucky to get this, which as it turn out captures her true excitement!

Have you ever seen a bigger grin?!

Anything Else little loves 1912


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Alternative Christmas Trees

December 17, 2014
Mummy Muncher (Life With Munchers)

Given that I’m stuck in renovation limbo this Christmas and I wouldn’t dare do a holiday home tour, like last year, I needed to find a way to bring my festive taste to you this year.  First up it’s alternative Christmas trees. We have 1 traditional tree in the house and next year I want to add a tree, of sorts, to all the living areas.

Christmas Tree Wall Art

Whether it’s laid out by lights, wood, or decorations, I really love these ideas for an alternative Christmas tree, which is ideal for a small room, or one with chunky furniture. Alternative Christmas Tree ideas Left to right: Run tree lights around small wall tacks in a tree pattern (image source: pinterest) Branch wall Christmas Tree Not on the High Street £49, Declutter Christmas Tree Ideas

Wooden Christmas Trees

I love these! Completely fits my style around the house.  I would put one of these in the grown up living room, and decorate with the fragile decorations that need to be kept away from small hands! Alternative Christmas Trees Left to right: Skandi tree Rockett St George £59 (sale price), Glitter tree large Rockett St George £80 (sale price), Not On the High Street Alternative tree £129

Creative Christmas Tree Ideas

Ofcourse, the creative amongst you can knock a tree up out of most things found around the house or garden.  I love these ideas for an alternative Christmas tree. Alternative Christmas Tree ideas 1 Left to right: Ladder tree, Log Christmas TreeDeluxe wooden Christmas Tree

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