De-clutter Challenge – January

January 31, 2015
Mummy Muncher (Life With Munchers)

De-cluttering Challenge

I love a New Year.  It’s a fresh start.  A chance to hit the reset button and leave all those bad habits behind you.  I have taken a leaf from Matt’s De-cluttering post and this year I’m going to get myself back to my uber organised way again.

Since Munch arrived in 2011, there just didn’t seem to be the time.  Although everything had a place, I found that after a tough day I’d be more than too happy to leave clothes where they fell or not tidy up the kitchen before bed.  Before you know it, a few days had passed and that momentary lapse in effort became an impossible mountain of clothes to climb.  Well not this year!

I’m taking a stand.  I don’t care if it’s midnight and I still have to hang up my work clothes and put the dishes in the dishwasher…it’s getting done there and then!

A month in and I’ve done remarkably well.  There are no clothes on the floor, which in turn makes the weekly clean oh so much easier.  I’ve perhaps been spurred on by the ongoing renovations and especially the rooms that are finished and look super shiny…I want to keep them that way!

The knock on effects are astounding.  I’m one of those people who can’t switch off if there is stuff still to do.  So by doing and not dwelling this month, I’ve had so much more positive mental attitude. I’m happier and less drained from the weight of my mental ‘to do’ list hanging over me.  Also (as I said above) the weekly clean is no longer a chore that requires a major tidy up prior to it.  It’s seen as more of a ‘finishing off’ and ta da!

Matt’s task for January was to get rid of the old and I have definitely ticked that box.  As each room is completed and unpacked, I’m also being ruthless with what stays and really thinking about how best to store, stack and file it (more on that in another post).

So I’ll be leaving January with some great foundations to build on.  Bring it on February!!!

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Little Loves 30/01/15

January 30, 2015
Mummy Muncher (Life With Munchers)

Is it just me who feels like they are running at 100mph this month?! I feel like I’m on autopilot and my head is firmly down and I’m just powering on regardless of what’s going on around me.  I’ll need to catch up on the bloggy front and schedule in some me time!

Talking of which, last week saw a first meet up between Donna (whattheredheadsaid) and Steph (mentalparentals).  We headed to Manchester for the weekend and had a bit of a mellow one, on the account of my constant bug.  Hopefully fun was still had by all and I haven’t passed it on!

But back to reality with a bump this week!  So here’s my #littleloves for this week:


I’ve read some amazing posts this week…Yes that’s right, I finally got through my Blog Lovin’ list.  This week I was really needing a reality check and I thank Jenny from Let’s Talk Mommy for some great posts that have done just that. I adore her honesty and refreshing outlook on situations and no matter what she is always upbeat and positive.  So if you are needing it…here’s a pick me up!


I’m a but of an Easties fan and this week I saw this trailer for the 30th anniversary show, where they’ll reveal Lucy’s killer…I was hidden behind the sofa at the time, with my fingers in my ears (warning: pretty chilling)


Well we were belting out some classics at the weekend.  Jason Donovan, PJ & Duncan, Five and this all time favourite (key change a plenty)…Let Loose!


This week I helped make something which I can’t even tell you about (if I did I’d have to kill you!)  All I can say is stay tuned.  I should hopefully be able to tell you soon!


I wore to my new fringe!  Jury is out…it hides half my face, which I’ve decided can only be a good thing at my age!  (Sorry about the blurry iphone pic)

Wore little loves 3001


And lastly..

Ofcourse, as I said, I had my first meet up with some bloggy friends in Manchester, so here’s a round up of the weekend with the ladies!

Bloggers meet



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Movie Themed Kids Party Ideas

January 29, 2015
Mummy Muncher (Life With Munchers)

kids movie birthday party ideas

Children love going to the cinema. The big screen, popcorn and their (soon to be) favourite characters get brought to life in fun and fantastical stories of wonder. Its a great experience but with the rising prices at the cinema, its gets expensive quickly.

By using your local hall, which you can hire for cheap or sometimes free, you can do it yourself for less. Plus, by hosting your kid’s movie birthday party yourself, you’re in control of the movie choice and when it starts.

Pop your own popcorn & serve in style

Cinemas and popcorn go hand in hand. Whether the kids have a preference for salty or sweet, you can check in advance by asking them to check their preference when they RSVP. Then order cheap popcorn boxes online to serve.

You can easily grab big bags of popcorn kernels to pop at home – seasoning however you want. Having a large batch ready to serve could save you some fuss and bother. Alternatively, you can find vintage looking fairground style popcorn machines for around £30 which would allow you to pop as you go!

Local halls are equipped for a number of different events and activities so they may have their own catering options which are worth checking out. This would allow you to serve something more substantial, such as buffet items, after the film if you wanted to.

Hire a projector instead of going to the cinema

To create your own pop-up cinema in your local hall, you’ll need to hire a projector. They are simple to operate and it’s easy to get one that takes DVDs. This way the birthday boy or girl can choose which of their favourites to show.

Technical event specialist Perception Live suggest “finding a blank wall or hiring a screen to show your film on and securing speakers with enough volume for the scale of the room.”

If you are turning off the main hall lights to capture that real movie-going experience, you’ll want to consider alternative lighting. For health and safety you should have some lights leading to the entrances and exists; which can also guide anyone who needs the bathroom mid movie.

Print fake movie posters with birthday child as the star

To complete your fake cinema, why not add a surprise touch for the birthday child by creating a few “Coming Soon…” movies posters with them photoshopped in as the hero.

Print companies, such as Ro-AM Posters, will print them professionally and in great colour so that they look really authentic. Display them in the welcoming room or along the walls of the hall for all to admire before and after the movie.

You can also use your home to host a DIY cinema party if you have a smaller group of people or just fancy doing the same for yourself!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.

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